Gulled Gulled

Listening TP8
Upper intermeddiate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide listening practice for gist and specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation


Lead In • To set lesson context and engage students - 10 mins

I greet the students and introduce the topic, I will give them a list of events and ask them if they have been to any and if there is anyone who is unsure about one specific event I explain what it is, this will pique their interest into the topic. Teacher will display the Target language for this TP and go through the MFP covering all 4 words and use CCQs to establish meaning and drills to help correct pronunciation.

While • To provide students with less challenging listening for gist - 10mins

I will give the learners a google slides form and they will listen to an audio of 4 people talking about an event that they had all attended, I will divide them into pairs they will answer the questions on the google forms slides whilst listening to the audio. Once they have answered the questions they will discuss their findings amongst themselves, then we will conduct open class feedback.

While • To provide students an opportunity for detail comprehension of the listening text. - 10 mins

Students will continue to stay in their groups and we will play the audio again, this time they will complete the next exercise which will aim for detail. They will complete this task and will discuss the answers in their pairs once complete. We will then return for an open class feedback.

Post • To provide students an opportunity to speak for fluency in the context given in the listening text -10 mins

Students will now return back to the main rooms, they will discuss one event that they have taken part in, each student will mention 1 thing they enjoyed from the event and 1 reason they would recommend it to a friend.

DEC - Delayed Error Correction • To create an opportunity for feedback to be given to students - 5 mins

Mention any mistakes students made during their speech whether it was Form or pronunciation, give them some sentences or words that are incorrect and ask them why it is so. Then give them the opportunity to give feedback.

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