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Teaching Practice 3
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson the students will learn the use of the past continuous and the past simple together within the context of art. The lesson will be based mostly upon the past lesson in which the students discussed art and music. The students will learn the grammar through guided discovery. They will then complete various exercises which will then be followed by pronunciation drilling and a speaking activity which will be a whole class mingle. If I have time I will choose an example sentence from the context of the lesson and do back chaining.


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Abc Grammar Exercise

Main Aims

  • To learn the past continuous and past simple through guided discovery.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To use a productive skill in order to practice the acquired grammar.


Lead-in (6-7 minutes) • To create the context of the lesson which will then give way to the grammar explanation

I will begin by showing the students pictures of artwork that are famous around the world. I will ask them to discuss the art among themselves. Next, I will give the students a paragraph to read and they will match the paragraph with one of the artworks. While the students are speaking, towards the end of the activity, I will write the first half of a sentence prompt. Once the students finish talking, I will ask them to complete the sentence using the paragraph I gave them earlier. Here, I will lead in to the grammar topic of the lesson.

Grammar (14-15 minutes) • To introduce past continuous together with the past simple.

I will use the sentence that the students have completed on the board and elicit the rule by asking questions such as "Which action happened first? Which is the longer action? Did the two actions happen at the same time? Did the actions happen in the past or present?" I will then ask questions to identify the form of the tense. These questions include identifying the subject, verb etc. Then I will ask the students to tell me the difference of the past continuous with the past simple. Next I will draw a table on the board and ask the students to separate the verbs in the box on page 32 of the coursebook into regular and irregular verbs.Then I will ask the students to tell me the past simple and past continuous forms of the verbs. Next the students will complete ex.2 on p.137 individually and check in pairs. I will write the answers on the board and choose students to mark the correct answers.

Main Aim (6-7 minutes) • Students will complete grammar exercises and check in groups and correct any mistakes

The students will complete ex. 3 on p.32 and check in groups. I will monitor and note if there is anything unclear that needs to be revised. Next I will give the students another gap-fill activity which they will complete in pairs. I will elicit the answers by asking the students to write the answers on the board.

Pronunciation Drilling (4-5 minutes) • To improve the students' fluency and pronunciation

I will drill the various pronunciations of certain verbs in the past simple form, focusing on the stress. I will show how based on the endings the pronunciation of certain verbs, change. I will try to give examples outside of the ones found in the book.

Speaking Activity (10-15 minutes) • To give the students a chance to practice the grammar they learnt in the lesson

As the final activity, I will give the students a picture of a crowded street. Here, every person is numbered and the students will receive one of these numbers. I will write on the board, "What were you doing at 2 o'clock?" The activity is that the students will walk around the classroom ask each other questions and try to find who is who on the picture. I will make sure to tell the students not to tell each other their numbers. They will label each other and at the end of the activity, I will put the students in groups and they will check their answers to see if they were correct in their labeling. I will do this exercise in order to do a productive skill after a grammar lesson. I will monitor and do delayed error correction. If I have time I will choose one of the sentences that the students used and do a back chaining exercise.

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