Shiva Khoei TP3
pre- intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn and practice how and where to use present perfect and how it differs from simple past.


Abc F2F pre-intermediate
Abc Gap-fill HO
Abc paper stripes

Main Aims

  • Grammar, the usage of presrnt perfect

Subsidiary Aims

  • writing about 3 things they have done in their life and 3 things they haven't done


lead-in (8-10 minutes) • set the context for the usage of present perfect

I will ask them "which countries have you visited?" and elicit the answers; I will write some of the answers (including correct form of the verb) on WB; then I will ask them when did they visit that country, I will write those sentences with simple past and the adverb of time which they mentioned on WB; I will give them 1 minute to think of the differences between those sentences.

grammar clarification (3-5 minutes) • to further clarify the tense

I will give them the HO on completing the rules and chest it myself; then Ill ask them to fill in the gaps in pairs in 3-4 minutes and then check the answers with their partners; then Ill give them the right answers in case they have problems with some.

further grammar practice (3-5 minutes) • to further clarify the structural element they have been exposed to

Ill write the irregular verbs on board and hand them the paper stripes with past participle forms and ask them to decide in groups where to stick them on WB. then Ill provide them with the right forms if they could not produce some.

grammar through reading (2-4 minutes) • reviewing the structural focus (present perfect)

Ill give them the HO on reading text(Ewan Gregor); Ill chest the HO and ask them to complete the sentences individually, then Ill ask them to check the answers with their partners

writing (7-9 minutes) • freer practice in the usage of present participle

Ill give them pieces of paper; Ill ask Ss to work individually and write about three interesting things they have done and in case there's still time three things they want to do but haven't.

if-time (6-8 minutes) • speaking practice

Ill ask some Ss to share their interesting experiences with their friends

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