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Upper-Intermediate level


Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, learners will have practiced the writing of a story for a magazine in the context of a life experience.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Learners will have also analyzed the structure of a text from a magazine in the context of topic.
  • Learners will have also been provided with a gist reading practice using a text from a magazine in the context of life experiences.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To engage learners and activate their schemata (previous knowledge) and set the context of the class

Instructions: Look at the sayings and answer the question! The teacher shows a Jamboard with three sayings and students discuss in breakout rooms. Learners share some of their ideas with the whole class.

Gist (3-4 minutes) • To provide an initial familiarity with the text

Instructions: Look at the title and picture! What do you think the text will be about? Learners make their predictions. Then read and check! They have to select the best summary for the text. The teacher checks their predictions and summary selection in OCFB.

Layout (4-5 minutes) • To analyze and/or identify elements of layout that provide coherence and cohesion in the text two choices

Instructions: Read the text again and answer the questions! The teacher shares a link to Google Forms. Students read the text again and select the correct answers. Students share their ideas in breakout rooms. The teacher performs OCFB to clarify the students' answers.

Formulaic Language (4-5 minutes) • To analyze and/or identify language conventions in the text

Instructions: Look at the highlighted words and analyze them! The teacher gives students a link to Google docs. Students work on the different tasks. Learners discuss their answers in breakout rooms. In OCFB, the teacher checks some of the answers orally and other ones using the chatbox.

Parallel Writing (8-10 minutes) • To practice the layout and language conventions previously seen in some writing exercises

Instructions: First complete the blanks with a word from the box. Then organize the events of a story! The teacher gives link to Google docs to learners. Learners work on the task independently and then are taken to breakout rooms to discuss their answers. The teacher performs OCFB to check on their answers and clarify any possible questions.

Freer Writing (10-12 minutes) • To produce a similar text based on the sample for fluency purposes

Instructions: Select one of the sayings and write an article for a magazine. Students are shown a Jamboard which is used to present the task. The teacher models the task with a student Students are given the link Google Docs link for them to write their assignments.

Publishing and Feedback (3-4 minutes) • To allow learners to share their text and get feedback on the contents and language of their written production

Learners publish their text for everyone to read (or at least to one partner) which is done through breakout rooms. The teacher conducts feedback on the task (e.g. whose story reflected more the saying?) The teacher conducts feedback on language in the Delayed Error Correction (DEC) stage.

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