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The (wedding) anniversary; contacting people
Intermediate B1+ level


In this lesson, students learn about vocabulary used for wedding anniversary's and contacting people for a special occasion. The lesson starts with some phrasal verbs and continues with 2 listening tracks regarding the planning of the wedding anniversary. Finally, the students will sing a song about Love (??)


Abc Listening: Peggy & Leo

Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about about contacting people for a wedding anniversary.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of anniversary and invitation vocabulary.


Stage 1 (Lead in) (1-3 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of the wedding anniversary through a song called; Love

1. Tell Ss they will listen to a song and see the song words of the song and ask them to think about what comes after 'two people fall in love; the right people, the right match....' 2. Project the music video for 'LOVE' by Frank Sinatra on the WB. 3. Elicit from Ss until they say 'marriage'; Our topic today is about anniversaries, specifically A wedding anniversary...'

Stage 2 (Pre-teach vocabulary) (1-5 minutes) • To pre-teach and unblock key lexis needed to help students understand the text.

1. Show the picture of the wedding from Face2face and ask Ss what they see. 2. Ask Ss to work in pairs and think of who these people are in the photo: (write them jumbled up on WB) *THE BRIDE, *THE GROOM, THE BEST MAN, * THE BRIDESMAID 3. Ss have 2 minutes and then tell WC the answers 4. Pre-teach 'Wedding Anniversary'

Stage 3 (Listening for gist) (1-5 minutes) • To assist students to get an overview of the listening text.

1. Tell Ss that Peggy is talking to her son, they will listen to a track and answer. *They will listen for only 1 minute *They will only do ACTIVITY ONE *must listen carefully for the information. *Work individually then discuss answers with partners. 2. ICQ's: How many people will be talking? (2) Will you listen for 2 minutes? (No, 1.) Which activity are going to do? (1) 3. Give out HO's, get Ss to quickly read & familiarize ACTIVITY. 1: What are they talking about?? 4. PW, elicit answers WC

Stage 4 (Listening for specific information) (8-10 minutes) • To assist students to look for specific information and get familiar with the text.

1. Tell Ss to fold paper and look at ACTIVITY 2. Explain that it's a gap fill. Listen carefully again to the track but this time focus on the sentences on the paper. *There are 6 sentences *Work individually and then in pairs to discuss 2. ICQ's: * How many gap-fill sentences are there? (6) *Are you working in pairs? (no, individually) 3. Ss listen to whole track, again the second time if need be. 4. Check answers with partners.

Stage 5 (Listening for detail) (5-7 minutes) • To help students practice listening in detail and have in depth comprehension.

1. Ask Ss to listen in DETAIL this time and while listening answer ACTIVITY 3 questions. *There are 5 questions *You must listen in detail *Work alone and then with your partner 2. ICQ's: How many questions are there and which activity are going to do? (5 & 3) How will you listen? (in detail) 3. Ss listen, repeat track if need be after monitoring Ss.

Stage 6 (Listening for inference) (8-10 minutes) • To help the students understand the text in more depth.

1. Tell Ss this time (the last time) they will listen to track and correct the sentences in the paragraph of ACTIVITY 4. *They will do ACTIVITY 4. *There are 5 MISTAKES. 2. ICQ's: *Which activity will you be doing? (4) * How many mistakes are there? (5) 3. Ss work individually then check answers with partners.

Stage 7 (Post-listening task) (1-5 minutes) • To develop students oral fluency on the topic.

(If there is time..) 1. Ask Ss to think about their own wedding/ parents wedding/ brothers or sisters wedding and talk about the details of the wedding: Who was the best man? Who was the bridesmaid? How long ago was the wedding? How many people attended the wedding? Was it a nice wedding? did anything go wrong? When is the wedding anniversary?? 2. Give example of my sisters wedding 3. Ss think about 1 minute individually and then tell partner about it, partner asks the questions above and other answers .

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