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Intermediate level


In this lesson I will be presenting reading and listening in the context of news. By homemade material and handouts, I will convey the point of the listening and reading. I hope the learners will learn a lot.


Abc Handout
Abc Handout
Abc teacher made material

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of news words in the context of headline languagen

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about the radio news in the context of headline language


Warmer (2-3 minutes) • To involve and engage students to talk about their own free time

I will ask students "What does free time mean?, What do you do in your free time?, Do you read the newspaper ?, Do you read the headlines? , Why do we have headlines in the newspaper?"

Lead-In (5-7 minutes) • To set the context and involve students

Students will look at the picture of page 64,number1,part c and guess the headline of it.GW CCQ: Are the headlines long or short sentences? why? I will give HOs and ask SS to match the pictures to the headlines in pairs. ICQ: Are you going to write a headline for each picture? Are you going to match? Are you going to work in a group? FB: I will write answer key on WB

clarification of vocabulary (10-15 minutes) • To clarify the meaning pronunciation of the vocabulary

In groups of 3 or 4, which I will name them e.g. blue, pink, red. Students will match definitions to words and write the answers on WB. FB: I will give answer key I will stick the words on WB and drill all

Listening (5-7 minutes) • Practicing listening for specific information

SS will listen to the listening of the course book page 64 number3 and match the headline to the radio news. ICQ: Are you going to take a note? Are you going to match? FB: answer key on WB

Semi controlled practice (10-15 minutes) • To provide semi controlled speaking practice

In group of 3 or 4, SS will choose a headline and write a radio news story. They will broadcast their news to the other group

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