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Elementary A2 level


In this session the learners will listen to an audio describing some famous people and then they will be taught past simple expressions. If time permits they will have some speaking practice and work on some grammar exercises.


Main Aims

  • The main aim of this lesson is grammar, simple past expressions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The subaim is listening which will focus on some events in the past and will introduce some famous people's life events.


warm up (4-7 minutes) • to introduce listening and contexualization

The T after greeting will say that you are going to listen to a TV show and will try to elicit some information from the students. If they say anything that is alright otherwise the T will give them the information. Do you know what a TV show is?( it is a contest and contestants compete to win) Do you any rules for these contests? Then they will listen to the first part of the listening to learn the rules. They will be asked some questions to internalize these rules since all of the listening is based on these rules. How many people (contestants) are there? What are their names? What are the categories? Can they choose which category to respond? How many clues will the presenter give them?

Listening for gist (5-7 minutes) • to be able to have a general idea of the listeing and if possible to guess the answer

T will play the audio and pause chunk by chunk let them listen and try to guess the answer. At the end of each chunk it the Ss guess the correct answer some comprehension questions will follow otherwise the T will show the image of the actors and authors discussed in the audio. how did you guess? what helped you guess the answer?

listening for details (4-7 minutes) • The Ss will listen to find out detailed information

The T will give them the HOs, they will read through the text, listen again and check the correct answer. It is an individual activity and the answers will be checked on the board.

grammar introduction (5-8 minutes) • to teach past time expressions

Listening transcript will be played on the board they must look at it and try to identify past time expressions through answering the questions given by the teacher. when did Mike watch Gladiator?last night when did Christopher Reeve die? in 2004 (how many years ago? 11 years ago) when did Steph finish reading the book?two weeks ago when did he read the book about Leonardo da Vinci? last year when did she teach in Portugal? ten years ago

Grammar checking and clarification (5-7 minutes) • To clarify the issue and hopefully eliminate any remaining problems

Some more examples will be elicited from the Ss and their answers will be written on the board. This stage aims to reinforce the time expressions and bring together these expressions in an organized way. what did you learn yesterday in the class? where did you go for holiday last month? Did you go to the cinema last week? ...... Finally the T will give them the second HOs they will do exercise number two in their HOs in pairs and check their answers on the board. Then they will expand the exercise and change the sentences so that they are true for themselves.

controlled practice (4-6 minutes) • to give Ss more practice of the form

The Ss will work on on the workbook to answer some questions and relate them to their own lives. The answers might be checked on the board.

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