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Intermediate level


In this lesson students will get to practice and learn about phrasal verbs while working in groups. Students will have several tasks which will help them to clarify the meaning of some phrasal verbs as well as learn new ones. The lesson will begin with a fun warmer, where students get to play a game. This will set up the lesson and allow us to move on to the next task, where I'll show different activities in photos and students will try to call out the phrasal verb needed to describe the activity. After some minor corrections and a short teaching on form and meaning, students will again try out creating different phrasal verbs as part of the next task.


Abc HO#1 Adjectives
Abc HO#2 Gap-fill
Abc Letter Template
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Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a letter in the context of food

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of vocabulary in the context of food.


Stage 1: Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I will show Ss a video of Mr.Bean in a restaurant to set a context of food and having a dinner outside the house. Suggested CCQs: Who is he? Describe the food he is eating. I will write on the board: Starter/ Main course/ Dessert. I will brainstorm different food for each course.

stage 2: Useful Language (5-7 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

I will put Ss in pairs, and then I will tell Ss that they went to the other pair's dinner party and are now going to describe it. I will give HO#1 and ask them to look at the pairs of adjectives, which can all be used to describe food. I will check any difficult vocabulary. I will ask them: Which one/s of the adjective/s show negative/positive meaning/s. W/C F/B

Stage 3: Controlled written practice (6-6 minutes) • To provide controlled written practice of the target language.

I will show them a model letter on the OHP and highlight the words so and because. I will ask Ss" why I stopped eating?. In pairs, I will ask Ss to do gap-fill task. I will tell Ss they are going to fill in the gaps with the suitable adjective/s from the previous exercise and they have to form the effect in the last 2 sentences. W/C F/B

Stage 4: Productive Task (10-12 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

In pairs, I will ask Ss to write what food they will have at their dinner party, they should put at least one type of dish for each course(starter, main course and dessert). They have to swap their menu with another pair. I will explain that they have invited the other pair to the dinner. I will distribute the Letter Template.I will explain that Ss are going to write(individually) to a friend describing the dinner party they went to. They must say it was either really good or terrible, and give reasons why things were good or bad, using so, because. They should use the menu they swapped with the other pair. (After 5 min) I will ask Ss to swap their letter with their partner. I will explain that they should read the new letter and compare and check their ideas with their peers and rewrite any missed idea. I will regroup Ss and ask them to swap letters with the new partners. The new partners should tell whether they are going to go to the same dinner party in the future.

Stage 5: Follow Up (8-10 minutes) • To provide free controlled writing

I will ask Ss to write a letter to a friend describing the best or worst meal they have ever had in real life. I will ask them to swap letters and check in pairs. I will monitor and help in checking. I provide feedback on the white board.

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