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Travelling-Collocations with "get"
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students learn about collocations with "get".The vocabulary will be introduced in the context of a letter. Some oral practice will follow so that students master the vocabulary.Then they will be guided to come up with a similar letter to use the phrasal verbs in apiece of writing.


Abc Handouts for the reading
Abc Table of collocations on the board
Abc Board
Abc Markers
Abc Collocation cards
Abc Blank pieces of paper
Abc A set of questions

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary:(language lesson) Collocations with "get". Ss will learn the meaning of tencollocations with "get"and be able to use them in a piece of writing.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and writing: Ss will be able to scan read (receptive skill) for specific information and later on to use the vocabulary taught in the context of a similar letter.(Writing: productive skill)


Icebreaker-Miming (6-8 minutes) • Brainstorming through activating schemata

Put two questions on the board for the ss to think about. What do you usually do when you feel tired? How do you relax? Want them to come and mime what they do to relax. Refer to the activities they had the previous day.

Stage 1-Reading the letter of a friend (8-10 minutes) • Present a suitable context for the vocabulary of collocations with "get" such as:get dressed, get tired, etc.....

Give ss the letter let them read individually, then in pairs ask them to draw two or three collocations from the box.They have to look for the meaning of these collocations in the text and underline them. Then they have to check with the other pairs. Ask them to come to the board to write the collocations.WC feedback. The collocations are: get dressed,get sick, get away, get information, get interested, get to, get around, get back, get together, get up.

Stage 2- Squeeze game (13-15 minutes) • Practice the collocations taught

Play a modified version of Chinese Whisper. The list is on the board for them. I just number them( 1-10) Ask ss to stand in two lines facing each other. I will be in front of the two rows holding their hands in mine (one hand from each group). I will squeeze their hands. If I squeeze four times ,they have to transmit the pulse to the end of the row and the last person is going to say the word for number four out loud. Then I will erase every thing. Only the numbers will remain and the last person is going to write the words on the board beside the number. Actually this is going to be a competition between two groups. The winner will be the one with more correct guesses.

Stage 3-Write about your dream holiday (10-12 minutes) • Produce what already taught

Ask each student to take a piece of paper and write their name at the top.Pose the first question,ss answer on the paper, then they fold it and give it to the person on their right. Ask the second question , they do the same:answer and swap, this continues until they answered all the questions.When the last question answered they swap again .This time the student who receives opens the folded paper and reads the piece of writing.WC feedback and correction on the board. The questions are as follows: Where do you get away when you need a holiday? What time do you get up? How do you get around?/ What kind of transport do you use? What do you like doing there? When do you want to get back?/ How long do you want to stay?

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