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Copy of TP3 Functional language, Asking permission,questions and making requests politely. .
Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson students will learn about functional language especially how to ask questions politely and making polite requests which they have heard in previous class.The lesson will start with the elicit of polite words and impolite words. Students will be given tasks to elicit meaning. Students will have activities of words jumbled and will make sentences to clarify the form. Students will have group activity to know more detailed knowledge. Teacher will drill the language with whole class and individually to clarify pronunciation. Students will have free activity to practice their skills.


Abc Predict pictures,handouts,Handouts2,Labeling pictures,
Abc Predict pictures,handouts,Handouts2,Labeling pictures,

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification,making requests and asking permissions in the context of listening.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students speaking and to practice the functional language.


Lead in (5-6 minutes) • To elicit the meaning and target language from students.

Teacher divides Ss into groups of two or three. Teacher gives instructions before the task. Teacher provides pictures and asks students to work in groups and describe what they see in pictures. Teacher takes Ss response.

Language focus 1 (6-8 minutes) • To get the meaning of TL and to develop student's understanding naturally towards target language.

Teacher breaks Ss into pairs and instructs them to work on the task by using the same pictures of previous task. Teacher explains the task before handing them to ss. Ss discuss their ideas and try to answer the questions from task and report back to teacher. Teacher labels the answers on the wall and ask ss to check their answers.

Language focus 2 (10-12 minutes) • To clarify the form of TL

Teacher asks students to tell him a polite sentence from prvious activity and writes the response on the wb. Teacher asks ss if they know the form of this sentence. Teacher writes down one or two forms and gives time to ss to note down if they would want. Teacher asks ss that they are going to work alone on the form and explains the next task. teacher asks ccqs to check ss understanding. Teacher gives handouts and monitors ss activity, teacher writes down ss response and their errors. Ss do the pair check and discuss their answers. Teacher takes feedback and asks ccq regarding form.

Semi- controlled practice (8-10 minutes) • To practice target language and to identify the difference between being polite and impolite.

Teacher splits students into groups of two or three. teacher explains the task. Teacher demonstrate the task. Ss take handouts and label them target language. Ss discuss and check with their group. Teacher takes feedback.

Language focus 3 (6-7 minutes) • To practice pronounciation and to check student's ability to pronounce TL

Teacher asks Ss to pronounce sentences which they have done in previous task. Teacher writes one or two sentences on the board. Teacher explains the intonation rule of TL. Teacher drill with whole class and individually.

Free-activity (7-8 minutes) • To give students an oppertunity to practice the language and relate it to their real life.

Teacher asks ss to be in pairs. Teacher explains the task. Teacher provides handouts. Ss practice the TL. Teacher changes the partners. Teacher monitors. Teacher ask ss for further questions and dismisses ss.

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