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What time is it-lesson speaking
Beginner B1 level


The students will learn how to say the time. I will tell the students that we can say the times in two ways. i will also highlight that we can say (a) quarter past six or six fifteen.students will, do some exercises on their own or in pairs.


Abc Teacher's book A1 ( F2F by Chris Redston)
Abc students book 2C (F2F by chris Redston)

Main Aims

  • To provide their ability to say the time

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency or accuracy when they will have to talk about their schedule in the real life.


Warmer/Lead-In (5-7 minutes) • Set the context

I will pretend to arrive late to class, out of breath, hurrying. I will say:<what time is it? oh! 10:35 already! class starts at 10:30. I am 5 minutes late. I am sorry i was on the phone with my dad.> And then i will ask them is it important to be on time? Why is it important to be on time at work, at school or doctor's visits. I will ask them to talk about these questions in pairs.

test 1 (5-7 minutes) • pre-teach time

I will pre teach time and clock. I will explain also the differences between quarter past and quarter to. I will tell them that we have two ways to say the time.

test 2 (4-5 minutes) • Matching exercise

They will have an exercise with their partners check answers with the class. After they will have another matching exercise but they will do it on their own. Although this alternative form is probably easier for the students to use than past or to form but it is very important that they understand both ways of telling the time when they hear them.

Test 3 (4-5 minutes) • pronunciation

I will highlight the pronunciation of quarter and half. Also highlight that we dont pronounce the T in five past. I will repeat the drill if necessary. I will make them repeat in groups or individually.

Test 4 (8-10 minutes) • freer practice

I will put the students into new pairs, students A and students B. I will make them focus on the film times . Students A will ask students B what time is,...........on and the students B will answer its on at............. students will take turns to ask the times of the films and fill the gaps on the timetable. Students will not allowed to look at their papers . Students will compare times with their partner and check that they are correct.

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