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World of Work
A1 (Beginner) level


To practice the Simple Present affirmative in the context of the world of work.


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Main Aims

  • To practice the Simple Present affirmative in the context of the world of work.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice reading for specific information and controlled speaking.


Warmer/Flashcards (6-8 minutes) • To review familiar job vocabulary and introduce locations of work

1. Hold up flashcard of the teacher, “who is she?” 2. “Where does she work?” 3. Move through the jobs 4. Elicit factory, shop, house, and apartment from Ss 5. Ask them who works here- get them thinking about the work/ing 6. At house and apt, still ask “who works here?”- they may need help coming up with housewife, writers, artist, etc. 7. Also at these slides, ask “who lives here?” 8. Demo- raise own hand for resident

Stage One/Audio Exercise (8-10 minutes) • For students to hear verb vocabulary. Also to open up the frequency of the action

1. Pass out w/s 2. Ask students, “What do you see?” 3. Give them a moment to come up with some answers 4. Then ask, “Where does he live?” 5. “Where does he work?” 6. “How does he go to work?” 7. Point to the cd player and tell them to listen for the answers 8. ICQ- are we writing? No! 9. With your partner write down the answers 10. Listen again 11. Debrief answers with full class- listen for correct verb ending (-s) 12. Concept check- “Does he live in NY every day?”, “Does he work everyday?”

Stage Two/Fill in the Chart (5-7 minutes) • Present to Ss how to use simple present

1. Ask, “What’s missing?” 2. Point to slide, and the read first example 3. Select a student to read the 2nd ex. ending with the blank 4. Ask again, “What’s missing?” 5. Pass out w/s #2 6. Point at the top of the page to options 7. Demo- 2nd ex with answer 8. Pair Ss and have them complete final two

Stage 3/Practice (10-12 minutes) • Ss will practice speaking, check comprehension of previous exercise and listen for verbs form in 3rd person

1. Write three questions on w/b- “where do you work,” “who do you live with?” “How do you get to English class?” 2. Demo- Select Ss, ask first question, listening for pronunciation 3. Select St – St for question 2 4. Select St – St for question 3 5. Pair 6. Demo- select a pair and have them ask and answer questions 7. ICQ- how many questions? 3! Are we speaking in Turkish? No! 8. Debrief- demo-select two pairs to share what they learned about their partner 9. Ask, “where does he/she work?” and so on 10. Listen for 3rd person verb form 11. Help pairs find another pair to talk with

Closing/Writing (8-10 minutes) • For Ss to copy and see the grammar structure in writing

1. Write up on wb, I/You/He/She(individually) ___ in Istanbul 2. Have Ss share the answer 3. On wb, It/We/They(individually)___in Istanbul 4. Rpt step 2 5. Practice with taught verbs 6. Set up next lesson 7. Write up on wb,Where ___ You/He/She(individually) work? 8. Elicit verb "do" from students

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