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writing, Winning or getting money
Upper Intermediate B2 level


This lesson will keep focusing on practicing Ss' productive skills, namely process writing in the context of getting/winning money. The lesson starts with a lead-in phase in which ss are prompted to speak in pairs. Then, students will learn about how to write a conversation by using functional language of exchange, back channeling, agreeing and disagreeing. Finally, There will be some follow up activities.


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Main Aims

  • To provide • To provide product writing practice of written conversations in the context of Winning/getting money

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss the ways to express exchange, back channeling, agreeing/disagreeing


Lead-in (8-11 minutes) • To creat interset in the topic and contextualize the target language

T shows two pictures on the board and asks Ss what do they think about the pictures? then she continues by asking Ss to Imagine that they want to go to another country for traveling . and you understand that you don’t have enough money with you . do you borrow money from your friend in this situation? Imagine that you received a sum of money from your distant family,will you share that money with your brothers,sisters or not? Imagine that you won a lottery ticket but your ticket was with your friend and he lost it .will you believe in him or not? afterwards, Teacher wrote 3 questions on the board and asks students to discuss about them with their partner. 1.When you want to borrow money from your friend, what would you say and how will you say it?orally or in the text? 2. if you ….. a sum of money what will you exactly do? . 3. If your friend lose your winning lottery ticket, what will you do? Teacher gives them about 5 to think then write student reply on the .

pre-writing (5-10 minutes) • to prepare Ss for the writing stage

Teacher shows a list of functional language of exchange ,…………..and agreeing/disagreeing on the board. She explains them that they should match these words to the situation. For example in which situation should you use no doubt Making request I was hoping you could ….. Help me (to)…………….,will you? Let me …………,will you? You don’t mind……….ing(……..)for me,do you?

writing (10-12 minutes) • To learn how to write a written conversation in the context of winning,getting money

Now you are going to have a conversation in a written chat come up with the words that you are already learnd and take out a paper. I want to work with your partner and just have one paper for you two. First choose in which situation you wanna write (asking money from your friend receiving money from your relative wining lottery). Write just one sentence and swap the paper to your partner.2 continue the conversation on the some paper .3.continue exchange for 5 or 6 times. Now stop4.now exchange your papers with another pair of students.5. read each other works and comments you can ask your student to talk about grammatical problems,if there are any. How was each problems shoved? Do you think they found a good solution or not. A write error correction on the board.

follow up (10-12 minutes) • To provide furthur practice of writing

Teacher asks students to write a letter in a group to a friend who has recently won lots of money to lend you a considerable amount of money because you are going to buy a luxurious house.it would be a good test of his or her generosity too.then teacher asks one person from each group to come and go to another group a discuss their view. Teacher write error correction on the board.

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