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Teaching Practice 2
Elementary level


In this lesson students will develop their skills of talking about events in the past. They will practise changing the present simple form into the past simple, and learn about regular and irregular forms. Their understanding will be tested by converting present form to past form. They listen and practise correct pronunciation. They will then use the past form to complete sentences based on the articles on technology. They will go on to write their own sentences and use them to talk to each other about what they did at the weekend.


Abc HO1 ex1 change present simple to past simple; ex2 use past simple to fill gaps in sentences
Abc HO2 simple questions about the past
Abc HO3 Past simple maze game

Main Aims

  • To review and practice past simple forms (positive regular and irregular verb forms). To talk about past events.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in speaking and writing for accuracy.


Lead in (5-6 minutes) • to set the theme of the lesson: Grammar Past simple verbs

Write on WB: use Give example using present, 'I often use a mobile phone/ laptop.' Elicit past tense: 'Yesterday I ........ ' Write on WB. Rpt with 'go', Write 'I go to school.' Elicit 'Yesterday I ......... ' Use to establish idea of regular and irregular past forms.

Past simple verbs: Focus on form and pronunciation (10-11 minutes) • To change present simple to past simple

Focus on Form: Introduce & HO1 (on WB), to 'test' - in pairs students find past simple verbs in the texts, 'Talking about the past'. Feedback Early finishers to come up and write answers on WB. Say the verb and ask students to repeat. Point out regular verbs that end in -e just add -d, some irregular verbs are the same, e.g. cost. Go over pronunciation of said, short 'e' sound. Focus on pronunciation: Focus on differences in pronunciation of regular -ed past forms by listening and repeating: worked /t/ wanted /id/ used /d/

Controlled written practise (9-10 minutes)

Introduce ex 2, sts to read two paragraphs based on 'Talking about the past' and complete sentences using verbs from the word bank and changing to past simple, in pairs, if possible work with different partner from the same group. Feedback: give answer key. Check for common errors and go over these if necessary.

More personalised written practice (10-11 minutes) • To use past form in personal writing

Introduce HO2 with simple past questions: What did you do yesterday/ at the weekend/ on Saturday/ Sunday What did you eat for breakfast? Where did you go on holiday? etc. space for independent sentence(s) Sts write their answers. Sts who finish will go on to ask others in their group what they did at the weekend. Monitor and do error correct as necessary. Contingency for students who finish early - Past simple maze game

Personalised controlled speaking practice (6-7 minutes) • To ask and answer questions using the simple past

Sts to use the questions and answers from their sentences about the weekend. They will mingle with students around the classroom. Draw class back together. Feedback / highlight any common errors. Ask if anyone did anything especially interesting over the weekend.

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