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Copy of Grammar: definite article
Upper Intermediate B2. level


In this lesson students focus on the definite article "the" when it is used and the different pronunciation. Students complete three grammar exercises which check their understanding about the definite article the and when it is used. Students then complete an exercise where they have to decide to use the definite article or not. Students complete two exercises which demonstrate the two different pronunciations of the article the. Students then complete a reading activity where they have to read a quiz and decide whether to include the article "the" or not in the gap provided. Students then wrap p the lesson y completing a speaking activity where they as each other the questions of the quiz.


Abc Exercise
Abc Grammar ex 1
Abc Grammar ex 2 and 3
Abc Listening ex 4
Abc Pronunciation ex 1, 2 and 3
Abc Quiz Worksheet
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the use of the definitive article in the context of general knowledge

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of the different pronunciations of the definitive article by listening. Also to practice speaking in the context of general knowledge.


warm up/lead in (5-7 minutes) • to familiarize students to the topic of the hdefinite article and to make them think of its use.

Students will read examples of sentences from a previous listening activity and explain why do they think the article the is used in some sentences and not in some other.

Grammar exerices (8-10 minutes) • to list the various categories that usually take the article the and the ones who d o not.

In this activity students will match sentences to its category. Students check answers in pairs and then on the white board. Students then tick a category that usually takes a definite article.

Listening Activity (5-7 minutes) • to know when to use the definite article

Students read the text in exercise 4 first. Students say what they understood from the text. Students then complete the exercise. Monitor. Replay recording to check answers. Students then explain why the definite article is used in certain sentences.

Pronunciation (5-7 minutes) • to understand the different pronunciations of the article the.

Ex1. Students will be asked to listen to the recording and write the words they hear. Students will be asked to explain how is the read in each one. The recording will be played again and students will check their answers. Ex 2. Students will read the sentence out loud. Play recording and ask to repeat after each one. Students then match each way to the best meaning. In pairs students practise reading the sentence in different ways.

Definite article exercises (5-7 minutes) • to consolidate the knowledge of when to use definite articles

Students complete ex 5 where they decide if the sentences are correct or not. Students cross out the definite articles that are incorrect. Check answers in pairs. Check answers on the board.

Reading and Speaking (8-10 minutes) • to practise using the definite article appropriately and reading for specific information

Students will read the quiz and decide if the questions or the answers need the definite article. Half of the class will get quiz A and the other half quiz B. Students check their answers in a group. Students then ask group B the questions of the quiz and vice versa.

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