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Oliver TP5 Oprah's Life Reading and Speaking
Elementary A2 level


During the course of this lesson Ss will practice the receptive skill of reading after the lead-in and vocabulary. They will first have a skimming, then a scanning exercise. Ss will also do in-depth reading with a T/F exercise. As a post-reading activity, a writing/speaking activity has been devised for them, requiring them to do an interview.


Abc HO2 Paragraph matching and scanning questions
Abc HO3 Passage about Oprah Winfrey
Abc HO4 T/F Questions
Abc HO1 Sentence hints
Abc HO5 Question hints

Main Aims

  • Reading. At elementary level Ss usually think that they can’t take on a reading exercise with vocabulary they are not familiar with. Using skimming and scanning, I would like to prove them otherwise. These two activities are short in time and don’t necessitate total understanding of the passage. Doing the T/F questions should give them even more confidence.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: Having been given the context and vocabulary in the reading, Ss will practice speaking through an interview role-play where one person is a celebrity and the other a reporter.


Lead-in Talk about celebrities (4-5 minutes) • Have Ss get into the atmosphere of talking about celebs. Observe and identify Ss that are strong and weak.

Have Ss think about celebrities (Turkish or foreign) by showing pictures of two famous Turkish Celebs. Then pair Ss up and give out HO1 after asking Ss to look at HO1 and make sentences about celebs. Use simple ICQ’s. Use W/C F/B

Pre-teach Vocab (7-9 minutes) • In order for students to better understand the reading passage certain vocab has to be taught. This will built confidence when Ss progress to the reading stage.

Tell Ss that today they are going to learn about celebrities and first they will need to learn some vocabulary. Introduce target vocab using pictures. Target vocabulary: famous, charity, coal mine, scholarship, successful, interview Use CCQ’s to see if Ss have understood the target vocab correctly. Drill pronunciation Write vocab on board, show stress and part of speech.

Reading (16-18 minutes) • Imbue Ss with varous reading skills like reading for gist, scanning for specific info and understanding deeper though T/F questions

Gist reading: Put Ss in pairs but they will work alone explain that they are going to read a passage that has 4 paragraphs. They are going to match the 4 sentences with the number of the paragraph. Give HO2 to Ss and have them fold it so that they can’t see part 2. Give out HO3 containing passage Give Ss 3 mins. Have Ss pair check answers. Project page on board have Ss come and write numbers of paragraphs. Scanning: Tell Ss they are going to read for details. Do first example on board. Ss look at passage and part 2 of HO2. Give Ss about 3-4 minutes depending on their speed. Ss work solo. When finished, Ss pair check answers. Use Ss-W/C F/B by asking Ss one by one for answers. Reading for detail (T/F questions) Before giving out HO4, tell Ss they will now read the text a little more slowly and think if the sentences are true or false. If false Ss should underline the correct sentence from passage. As Ss to work in pairs. Distribute HO4 and do sentence 1 with Ss as demo. Ss do rest in 5 minutes max. Monitor and finish exercise earlier if everybody is done. Have Ss pair check with different partner. Give Ss markers and have them show answers on board (projected image)

Speaking: Interview witha celebrity (10-13 minutes) • Speaking through role-play. In this fluency activity Ss will first think about questions they want to ask to a celebrity. Then they will pair up and ask new partners (celebs) the questions they have written down. Celebs will have to answer.

Put Ss in pairs and set scene by saying: You work for a TV station. Your boss says: “A celebrity is now in Izmir. You will ask questions to this famous person. The famous person maybe is a singer, football player or movie star”. Make some question for the interview with a partner. CCQ : Where do you work? Who will you interview? Will you speak or write? Give Ss 5 minutes to write questions. Monitor and offer help if needed. Distribute masks to half the class. Ask other half to find a partner and ask questions. Monitor and jot down mistakes for delayed feedback. Have Ss change masks and repeat activity. When finished give delayed F/B and drill vocab if needed.

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