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Elementary, A1 level


Abc Match questions and answers
Abc Match questions and answers
Abc Gap-fill handout
Abc Reading text "Denise Lewis"

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of present simple (questions and short answers) in the context of athlete and the olympics

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide reading for gist and scan-reading, and to improve the student`s speaking skills


Lead-in (stage 1) (2-4 minutes) • Set the context for the lesson, engage the ss

- Show pictures (ppt) from of famous Turkısh athletes - ask ss; who do you see? what do they do? why are they famous? What's your favorite sport?

First test-stage (stage 2) (3-5 minutes) • Test how ss use present simple and questionform

- SS complete the questions (Ex 2a) -"This is Denis Lewis, she is a famous athlete. The questions are about her. There are gaps in these questions. There are words in the box above. Fill the gaps by using the words." ICQ: Will you answer the questions or fill the gaps? (fill the gaps) - give HO - Peer check - give the answer key to one of the ss and let her be the teacher. T still monitors.

Read for gist (stage 3) (5-7 minutes) • Read and find the main meaning of the text

"Read this text about Denise Lewis and answer question 1 and 2. There are two options for the answer; is it this or that? Mark the correct one. " Will you read or speak? (read) Will you mark the correct answer or tell it to me? (mark it). - give HO - WGFB

Scan-reading (stage 4) (5-7 minutes) • To practice scan-reading

- Ss read the text again and answer the questions about Denise Lewis. (refer SS to previous HO) -Peer check - Put the answer-key on the board and have the ss walk up and check their answers.

First teaching stage (stage 5) (5-7 minutes) • to introduce the ss to form of the target language by using a few example sentences

Write on WB: (one sentence at a time) 1.(Does) Denis (live) in London? 2.Yes, she (does). 3.(Does) she (live) in Birmingham? 4.No, she (doesn't). 5.(Where) (does) Denis live? 6.She (lives) in London. - elicit; fill in the gaps! What does Denis do in London? (live) Is live a noun or a verb?(n) What is this(does)? It`s a helping verb. - CCQs: Is this true all the time or at the moment?(at the moment) Does she work in London?(she lives there).

Second teaching-stage(stage 6) (4-6 minutes) • To practice the pronounciaton of the target language by focusing on intonation

- "Does Denise live in London?" (T sits on a chair in front of the ss, stands up as she says this sentence. Sits down. Chorally drills the sentence with WG. Everybody stand up on "London".) - "Where does Denise live?" (T says this sentence as she is standing, sits down at "live". Chorally drills with WG a few times. With individuals or pairs afterwards. ) CCQs: When you stood up, did your voice go up or down?(up) When you sat down, did your voice go up or down?(down). again; where does Denise live? She lives in London. (drill pron a few times).

Second testing-stage (stage 6) (5 minutes) • SS test the simple present by matching questions with answers

- Controlled practice (Ex 1) - Instructions: match questions 1-6 with the answers in the box. - give HO - Peer check -> WGFB

Free practice (7-9 minutes) • Provide practice for fluency by using TL in the context of known Turkish athletes

- you will read a short text -give HO (both text and questions to all ss). -divide ss in two groups; one group represents the athletes, the other groups is a journalist(?) - make the ss stand up and walk around. - one person from each group make up a pair, ask questions and answer - swap roles - delayed error correction on WB

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