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TP 5
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will listen to conversations about the use of social networking sites. The lesson starts with a picture of teenagers, some words will be elicited about social media. Then the students will discuss about social networking cites. After that the students will listen to the audio and answer the related questions. The lesson continues with speaking activity. The students will work in groups, they will discuss about friendship.


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about a radio programme in the context of social networking sites

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion in the context of friendship


Stage 1 (lead in) (10 minutes) • To introduce aim of the lesson and to make the context interesting for students.

-Open the picture of some teenagers on Powerpoint presentation. -Elicit some words and sentences about teenagers. -Ask them to think about today's teenagers (How can you describe them? What do they do in their lives?) and share ideas with a partner. -Get some answers from the students. -Try to elicit the word social media or social networking sites. -After eliciting the word social networking sites, say: 'let's talk about social media more.' -Open the secon slide. Ask them the meanings of the signs in it. What do these signs mean? -Show the questions about social networking sites on the powerpoint presentation. Ask them to discuss with their partners. -Get some answers from the students.

stage 2 (Listening) (6 minutes) • to provide controlled listening practice in the context of social networking sites

-Pass the HOs. Ask them to answer 3 questions T / F and discuss with their partners. -Say: We'll listen to the introduction to a radio programme. A woman named Martha will talk about some results of a research about? ask the students and try to elicit the answer Facebook. -Open the track 3.23 if necessary open the track again. -Check the answers and ask them to correct the falses.

stage 3 (listening) (15 minutes) • to provide controlled listening practice in the context of one of the well known social networking sites Facebook

-Say: Now we'll listen to the rest of the radio programme. 4 people -George, Beth, Caitlin and Ned will call the programme. You will listen and decide who is the most positive about facebook and who is the most negative about facebook. (listening for specific information) -Open the track 3.24 -Get answers and ask why? -Say: We'll listen again. You will find whose ideas are these ( showing the handout) and write the first letter of the names of the people in the boxes. Before we start, please read these 8 sentences. -Open track 3.24 again -Ask them to check their answers with their partners. -Get the answers and if there is a problem for any of them discuss it.

stage 4 ( speaking) (15 minutes) • to provide freer speaking for fluency practice within the contex of friendship

- pass the handouts -Ask the students to read the sentences A-F and thick the ones they agree with, cross the ones they don't agree with. Ask them to think about the reasons. Give 3 minutes -Ask the students work in groups to compare their opinions. Ask the to try to give real examples from their own experiences. ( 5 - 6 minutes) ** Monitor the students, make sure that everybody speaks. -Ask them to share some ideas in open class.

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