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15th September 2017.Teaching Practice 2.Reading and Writing
Beginner level


In this lesson Ss will practice reading sub-skills that is to say,scanning,skimming,reading for gist and details.Following this, there will be some limited practice for comprehension check.Then they will practice writing knowing when to write a word in a sentence in a capital letter through some other controlled practice (matching). More practice will be done on capitalization in the form of a game.Following all these stages Ss will have open /freer practice using the functional language to fill out a form by asking answering Qs .This time activation will be done to get the feedback of the class.


Abc Matching pictures with business card+gap-filling information

Main Aims

  • To provide the students with a context to practice reading for gist,specific information and details and writing.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To create a context to get their attention to capitalization and when to write words in capital letters.To practice functional language, as well.


Stage 1:Pre-Reading Task (3-5 minutes) • to introdcue the topic engaging students and getting them interested in what is going to be next.

T puts the photos of 3 business cards on the white board and asks the Ss what they are.(Elicitation) T asks Ss to think of what a business card says and sets a time limit.(Engagement) T puts the ideas on the board beneath the cards..(Pre-Teaching some vocabulary) T presents the correct pronunciation and asks the Ss to repeat after him.(Modeling)

STAGE 2:while-reading tasks (10-15 minutes) • To practice Reading Sub-Skills/Academic skills,Scanning and Skimming.

T puts the photos of three different people on the board above the cards. T asks the Ss to match people with business card.(Activating Scanning) T gives one business card to an agent per team and other members come to board and fill out the buisness card on th eboard. T gives Ss some questions about the three people asking the Ss to look for the answers collaboarativley.(scanning and skimming) . T asks the Ss to go to other teams to check taking peer check into account.(peer check and mingling). T monitors.

Stage 3:Post Reading Task (12-15 minutes) • To practice writing using capitalization.

T puts the first business cards back on the white board with highlighted capital letters. T gives a a sheet of paper to the Ss with some questions asking Ss to answer the questions.(discovery-guided) T checks the answers by asking students to read their answers pointing to the parts on the business cards. T asks the Ss to check the differences in writing by peers.(Peer Check) T puts the sentences on the board asking Ss to make corrections to the text one by one. T puts some sentences onto strips of paper and puts them into envelopes.Ss are in teams with one envelope per team.Ss take it in turns to take on a sentence from the envelope an add the capital letters to it.Ss are given an answer sheet to check with and take home.

Activation:Writing/Speaking Practice (5-10 minutes) • To practice functional English to fill out a form for a hotel reception(Feedback)

T gives pairs a registration form for a hotel .(gap-filling) T asks students to interview their partner and fill out the form. T put a typical interview answers on the board . T asks others to help check the capital letters.(Peer Check-Peer Correction)

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