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TP 1 Lesson Outline - International House Mexico - Tutor - Eliberto
Pre-Intermediate level


Listening Skills lesson Gist Detailed


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Main Aims

  • For students to build their gist and detailed comprehension skills for listening to an interest piece or story.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will reproduce or paraphrase speech from the text and further use their speaking skills in a personalized follow-up.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set context, engage students and hopefully build rapport

Conduct poll with these questions via google forms link Share my own answers Ask anyone to share if they don't know anyone with the same first name or if there is someone they know with the exact same name. Do you know someone with the SAME FIRST name as you? Yes or No Are you friends with someone who has the SAME FIRST name as you? Yes or No Do you know someone with the SAME FULL name as you? Yes or No (Me- Yes-Yes-No)

Pre-Teach Vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • Address blocking vocabulary so that students can comprehend key aspects of the text and lesson

Share screen with target sentences and have students individually match meaning to italicized vocab word. 2 minutes Review out loud with class, nominate and ask for agree/disagree from other students Clarify each vocab with CCQ or two. Then out loud match form to vocab term. Model and then drill pronunciation 3-4 minutes 1. It is such a coincidence that last year we both traveled to Canada for Christmas! A coincidence is when two very similar things happen at the same time but there is no reason for it CCQ Is it a coincidence that Jeff lives in Georgia and I live in South Carolina? No Are coincidences planned or created? No What adjectives could describe a coincidence? Amazing, unbelievable, strange! countable noun kəʊˈɪnt.sɪ.dənts 2. Next time we will meet in person. In person means physically being somewhere/actually there CCQ If people have coffee together, are they meeting in person? We are zooming right now, are we zooming ‘in person’ right now? phrase (preposition + noun) ˈpɜːsn ˈpɜrsən 3.They look so similar, are they related? Related here means to belong to the same family CCQ Are children related to their parents? How are a husband and wife related? Adjective rɪˈleɪtɪd

Gist Listening (4-6 minutes) • To enable students to become familiar with the text and grasp the uniqueness of the story

Look at the photo of a couple and listen to a news story about them. What is the coincidence? (Show picture) Instruct them to answer the question during or just after the audio. Play audio 3-4 minutes passed Students work in pairs and send private messages thru chat box to check answer. Nominate someone to answer the question, ask group if they agree, give correct answer. 1-2 minutes

Detailed Listening (12-17 minutes) • To develop students' detailed and specific information listening skills.

Administer part b task. Give students the questions via a Google link in the chat box Listen again/give two minutes to work on the questions 4-5 minutes Put students into pairs in breakout rooms to check/compare answers 3-5 minutes Monitor these pairs/groups OCFB to check answers and clarify any misunderstandings of the text 3-5 minutes Factor in possible replay of audio 2 minutes

Post-Listening Task (4-7 minutes) • Give students the chance to personalize the content by discussing their own findings or experiences

Instruct class to look at part c task on next slide of Google link. Put Ss into breakout rooms and monitor. 3-4 minutes Bring back to main room and give brief feedback on things heard in the breakout room 1-3 mintutes

DEC (2-5 minutes) • To focus on aspects of the lesson or language involved which students struggled with

Share screen and address things noticed while monitoring or perceived struggles with listening or speaking Asking students if they have any questions about the lesson

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