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Teaching Practice 2
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson,learners are going to learn new phrasal verbs from the context Urban Legends on unit 4 Telling Stories.There will be 9 common phrasal verbs which are expected to be picked up .Learners will also have the chance to practise their speaking including the newly learned phrasal verbs.


Abc Vocabulary Hand-out.
Abc F2F Student2s Book Upper-Int

Main Aims

  • Provide phrasal verbs in practice in Vocabulary class using the context of Urban Legends.As the group is familiar with what a phrasal verb mean, I will involve them practically into my lesson to create a conversational athmosphere and also,provide the pronounciation of the verbs instead of directly giving learners the meanings of the phrasal verbs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practice in deducing meaning from context and to give sts practise in speaking for fluency.


Warmer/Lead-in (7-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students.

-Get them interested in by preparing a set of questions on some slip of paper with basic phrasal verbs e.g,get up,go back etc.Mingle Ss, give them some specific questions on slips of paper which include some basic phrasal verbs inside.(GW) -Elicit answers and put them on the board. -Ask if there is something in common in the sentences written on the board.(Ind) -Get the answer and report back to the class what they will learn today.

Vocabulary-Meaning (4-8 minutes) • Teaching new Vocabulary in context.

-Engage the sts into the questions in HO in pairs.Give them 2 mins. to guess the meanings of 9 phrasal verbs -Do the q.number 1 together as an example (WCFB) -Hang 9 flashcards to the wall and as 2 groups ,stand sts up to WB and give them 4 mins.to match the meanings with flashcards(GW). -Put sts in different pairs and discuss their answers in their sits(PW)

Feedback session (10-13 minutes) • To check understanding of meaning and to clarify form and pronounciation.

-Engage students by asking them if they can give synonyms of the phrasal verbs. -Seperate the WB into two and guide sts to tell you any phrasal verbs. -Write the verbs on WB and elicit them to give you a synonym.Highlight features e.g; pass sth on/pass on sth) (Ind) -Ask another 6 write on the WB.(Ind) -Elicit information(type1/2/3) from students and let them guide you.(it took me ages to work it out/to work out the answer). -Give at least 3 examples from studied phrasal verbs and ask them if they are possible.(TS) -Direct them to ask the questions in ex.1b as PW. -Elicit answers.(Ind)

Production session (8-10 minutes) • Productively usage of the phrasal verbs.

-Explain the sts that they will do a short fill-in-the blanks activity give them 5 mins. -Elicit the answers and then put sts into two groups and lead them to choose a preposition from teacher's cute cloth bag and as a group they will produce their own phrasal verb sentences in their sits. -Lead the student who finishes first to the WB to write his/her group's sentence.Do this 3 times for each group, who finishes fast (only 3 sentences) will be the champion of the day.

Listen and repeat activity (1-4 minutes) • Make sure about the pronounciation.

-Do listen and repeat the activity to make sure sts rightness on pronounciation.(TS)

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