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Big and Small: Vocabulary and Reading
A1 Beginner level


In this lesson, students explore vocabulary related to numbers 20-100. They also learn vocabulary and reading related to shopping in numbers.


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Main Aims

  • To provide reading for gist and specific information practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review numbers 1-100


Lead In (5 minutes) • Introduce pictures of places in a town and get students familiar with the vocabulary of places in the pictures prior to reading.

Greet students. Ask students if they like shopping. Elicit answers/participation from each student. Instruct students "I am going to show you pictures. Tell me the name of what you see in the picture." Show Powerpoint photos and elicit answers from students. Model the TL for each picture, including pronunciation, intonation, and stress. Choral drill. CCQs.

Discussion Question (5 minutes) • Set the context for the lesson and get students thinking about and using target language.

Write the discussion question on the board: "Is there a big shopping mall in your town?" Ask students to discuss the different malls in Bursa in pairs. Model this activity first with a student. Provide model language on the whiteboard: "There is Anatolia mall." Use ICQs (are you going to work in pairs? Will you talk about malls or coffee shops?) Have students switch pairs twice to discuss the different malls in Bursa. Monitor.

Reading about Shopping Malls (5 minutes) • To provide reading for gist

Show students the handout. Tell students that they are going to read about 3 different malls in Turkey. Tell students that the stories talk about the numbers and types of stores that are in each mall. Students are to read independently. ICQs (are you working in pairs? Are you reading by yourself?) Give students the handout.

Controlled Task: Locating Specific Information (10 minutes) • Have students answer fill-in-the-blank questions by locating specific information in the text.

Show students the question handout. Instruct them that they will be answering the questions in pairs by finding information in the story that they just read. Use gestures here. Model an example answer on the board: Cevahir mall is in [Istanbul] [blank], Turkey. Use ICQs. Will you be using the story we just read to find the answers? Will you be filling in the blanks of the questions or writing your own sentences? Will you be working alone or in pairs?

Extra Time Activity (5 minutes)

Get students to talk to each other in pairs about where they like to go shopping and why. Write question and model answer language on whiteboard. ICQs. "Will you be talking about where you LIKE to shop or where you DO NOT like to shop?"

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