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World of work
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn about the present simple, daily routines and they will also learn new vocabulary about jobs and workplaces. The lesson starts with some examples of daily routines. Moreover, Sts will make sentences about themselves. This is followed by a reading activity in which Sts will match the texts with the right pictures. In addition, Sts will learn the ‘present simple’ form and the use of ‘s’ with he/she. Finally, Sts will do a speaking exercise that they will make sentences about their best friends.


Abc Gap-fill handout
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Main Aims

  • To present and practise the present simple affirmative.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice in reading for specific information.


Lead-in • To engage studets with daily routines

1- Teacher will write three sentences on the WB about himself based on sentences in ex. 1 SB, pg. 42 and T will leave a gap for the verb in each sentence. 2- Sts will say the missing verb.

Vocabulary • To provide context for the target language through a text or situation

1- T will show some flashcards to clarify some vocab: a company, a factory, a shop, a flat, boyfriend, parents, grandparents, a bookshop, a town, alone. T will hold up each flashcard in turn and ask ‘What is it?’ 2- T will explain common verb and noun collocations, 3- Sts will complete the chart in ex. 2 SB, pg. 42 4- T will ask Sts to write sentences about themselves and let them to compare their sentences in pairs. In addition, a few Sts will read some of their sentences for the class.

Reading • To provide practice in reading for specific information

1- T will ask Sts to look at the pictures and ask them ‘What do you see in the pictures? Where are they?’ 2- T will ask Sts to read the texts and match them to pictures in ex.1 SB, pg 42 3- T will let Sts check their answers in pairs 4- Sts will match each sentence with a person from the pictures in ex.2 SB, pg. 43

Grammar focus • To draw students' attention to the word order and the use of ‘s’ with he/she

1- T will write some subjects on the WB and let the Sts complete the sentences 2- T will elicit present simple from the sentences on the WB and highlight the word order. 3- T will explain to Sts the use of ‘s’ with he/she with examples on the WB.

Controlled Practice • To make sure that Sts understood the grammar and prepare them for speaking exercises

1- T will do number 1 ex. 2 SB, pg. 43 as an example and ask Sts to choose the correct sentences. 2- Sts check their answers in pairs 3- T will do number 1 ex. 3 SB, pg. 43 as an example and let Sts complete the text with the correct verbs. 4- Sts check their answers in pairs.

Production • To use simple present to make sentences

1- T will post a picture of his best friend and tell Sts about him. 2- Sts will think about their best friends and say sentences about them.

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