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Doctors Appointment
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn how to make an appointment and talk to the doctor about their heath problems.


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for making and going to doctor appointments in the context of common health issues.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a skit in the context of a doctors appointment.


Lead-in (3-6 minutes) • To introduce students to the context of making and going to a doctors appointment.

Teacher will have slips of paper with common health issues on them. One by one students will come up and act out the sickness. Other students will guess what's the matter. "For today's class, we will learn how to make a doctors appointment. On these slips of paper are names of sicknesses. One student will act out the sickness and you will try to guess what is the matter."

Highlight (6-7 minutes) • To see what vocabulary the students already know and introduce higher-level lexis.

Elicit from students that if you are sick, you must go to the doctors. Teacher asks students what kind of sicknesses you have seen. Teacher writes vocab on right side of board. Teacher asks students," If someone has these problems, what do they need to do?" "Before they go to the doctors, what do they have to do first?" "How do you usually make an appointment?" Elicit order of a conversation between receptionist. 1. Greeting. Why you're calling. "How do you always start a conversation?" 2. Whats the problem? "What can I do for you?" What is your problem?" 3. Request a day/time for the lesson. "When are you available?" "Are you available_________ at _____?" CQ- If you have an urgent problem/ a big problem, when would you want to get in? Elicit "As soon a possible" 4. Pick a date and time. "There's an opening on ______ at _____. Would this work?" CQ- Why do you think the receptionist uses the word "opening"? What is she looking at while talking to him? 5. Thank you's and final greeting.

Semi-Controlled Practiced (8-10 minutes) • To have students decide the correct order or events when making a doctors appointment.

Teacher hands Task 1 to students. Each students will be cut up and students must put the events in the most logical order when making a doctors appointment. They will do this activity in pairs. "Here is strips of dialogue between Can and the receptionist. With a partner, put the dialogue in the correct order." After they have finished putting the dialogue in order, I will nominate students to give me the right order. "You can tell me number one?"...and so on.

Planning (8-12 minutes) • To have students plan a skit about a doctors visit.

Elicit order of usual dialogue in a doctors appointment. 1. Greeting. 2. Problem? "What seems to be the problem?" 3. How long have you had these symptoms. CQ- 4. Do you have a history of these problems? CQ- "The doctor wants to know if you've had these problems before, if this is a reoccurring problem." "On a computer, if you want to see past pages where do you go?" If they still don't get it, write 7 slashes on board and give them the letter "H". 5. Are you taking any medicines? 6. Let's have a look. 7. Prescribe medicine. 8. Thank you and final greeting. After teacher writes helpful phrases on board, teacher explains to students that they will prepare a short skit with a partner. One of the students will be the doctor and the other will be the patient. They will have 8 minutes to prepare this skit. The teacher will give them the patients problem so that no group has the same "sickness". "Now, in partners you will make a short skit. One of you will be the doctor and one of you will be the patient. I will give you the patients problem. You have 8 minutes to write the dialogue."

Presentation (8-10 minutes) • To have students present their skits to the whole class.

After students have finished planning their skits. I will have groups volunteer to perform their skit for the class. After at least two pairs have performed, teacher ends with praising students on good work.

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