Ole Ole

TP8 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen
Pre-Intermediate level


We start by setting topic and context with some pictures about weekends Then we go out to read about a survey about people lying about their weekend activities. We finish with a speaking exercise.


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Main Aims

  • Reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Lead-in (1-3 minutes) • To introduce the topic

T projects appendix 1 - "What do these pictures have in common?" (We do these things in our free-time) - "When do we have free time?" (Elicit 'weekend') Praise

Context (1-2 minutes) • To put the topic into the context of the lesson

Keep appebdix 1 on the WB -"Do people always tell the truth about their weekends." -"What will people say that they did?" -"What did they actually do?" -"Where do they say it?" Praise

Matching activity (4-6 minutes) • Pre teach vocab

T projects appendix 2 Elicit 'survey' by: -"What is this?" -"Do you remember Melih's first job?" T projects appendix 3 Elicit 'Illusion' by: -"What do we call these?" -"Things that are not what they look or sound like" T projects appendix 4 Elicit 'impress' by: -"What is he trying to do?" Praise

Skimming (3-4 minutes) • To practice reading for gist

T chests HO1 -"You will quickly read this text" -"Find out what would be the best summery, and circle your answer" -"You have 45 seconds" ICQ's - You will circle the best? (Summery) - How long? 45 seconds Best summery is: (c) See the first three lines of the text. Praise

Scanning (8-10 minutes) • Reading for specific information

T chests HO2 Instructions: -"I want you to read the text again" -"You need to circle the correct answers" -"You will do it alone" -"You have 2 minutes" ICQ's - Will you underline the answers? (No) - Will you work alone? (Yes) - How long? (2 minutes) T distributes HO2 Pair check T projects appendix (4) (answer key) "Check your answers" Praise Instuction: -"If the survey was done in Turkey, what would the results be?" -"Talk to your partner and answer how you think the results would be." -"You have 2 minutes." WCFB (Elicit opinions) Praise

Is this good or bad? (6-8 minutes) • Reading for inference

Instructions: -"Read the text again, but this time read it carefully." Chest HO4 Instructions: -"Answer these questions." -"You will do it alone." -"You have 2 minutes" ICQ's - Are you going to talk? (No) - How long? (2 minutes) Praise Instructions: -"Talk your partner about your answers" -"Explain why you answered like you did." WCFB Praise

Speaking (8-10 minutes) • Task to practice fluency in TL

T chests HO3 Instructions -"Look at the questions in exercise b. -"Answer the questions, but lie in one of your answers" -"Write your answers down" -"Don't show your answers." -"You have 4 minutes." ICQ's - Will you write down your answers? (Yes) - How many answers will be true? (3) - How many answers will be lies? (1) - Will you talk about your answers? (No) T chests HO4 Instructions: -"You will now work with your partner." -"You will interview each other using these questions." -"Then you will try to find out which answer is a lie." T projects appendix 6 -"You will guess lie this." ICQ's - Will you tell each other your answers? (No) - Will you ask questions? (Yes) - What will you try to guess? (Which is a lie) Pair check Praise

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