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Teaching Practice 3
Elementary level


In this lesson, Students learn about time phrases throgh using phrases in sentences. The lesson starts with a discussion about free time activities. This followed by categorizing and practising. Finally there are some controlled and freer activities to produce the target language.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of time phrases

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of time phrases in a sentences froms correctly


Lead-in (6-8 minutes) • to link to the previous lesson

Ask Ss to come to the board and make a circle. Pretend as there is a ball in your hand and elicit what is in my hand. Project the slide 1 on the board and by pointing to the questions, say "I read book in my free time. I like to read in the evening". Pretend to throw the ball one of the students and ask the questions "What do you like to do in your free time? When do you like to do it?" Then ask that student to throw the ball to another student. And the game goes on this way till everyone answers the questions. While sitting, organize them to sit in pairs.

Focus on the target structure (8-10 minutes) • to categorize the time phrases

Distribute the HO, ask to categorize the time phrases in pairs. Monitor the Ss. Ask early finishers to come to board, choose a paper and stick to the correct circle on the board, then everyone comes and sticks the papers. Drill the time phrases while checking the answers.

Controlled practice (8-10 minutes) • to let Ss test each other.

Give each pair a set of papers including phrases and times. Ask Ss to match them correctly in pairs. Project the activity on board to help them see them all. When they finish, ask them to stand up, walk around and check other pairs' matchings. Then ask if they are same or different. Project the asnwer key on the board, ask their mistakes and clarify or drill if needed.

Freer practice (15-17 minutes) • to produce the TL

Make 3 groups by asking them to choose one of the colourful papers from bag. Elicit the groups (yellow-green-orange) and sit them accordingly. Give Ss their handouts according to their groups. Ask them to complete Part A, circle the correct words in phrases. Ss work individually. Let them check in their groups and show the answer keys on PPT. Then ask the to complete Part B individually, making questions by using the phrases. Let them check in groups and check the from board. Then tell Ss that they will walk around the classroom and find 2 people who answer the questions as 'yes' and write their names. Demo the instuction and use ICQ. When they complete their tables, ask them to have a seat with their groups and discuss about the people in their tables. Finally ask some of them to talk about their tables in the class.

optional (5-7 minutes) • to find out the TL in a text

Distribute Ss the handout, ask them to circle the correct time phrases in the text. Ss work individually. When they finish, they do pair-check and show the answers on PPT. Then, ask them to read the e-mail again and tick the correct sentences, make the other sentences negative. They do the task individually and check in pairs. Check the answers as WC.

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