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TP4 - Functional Language (Ordering in a cafe)
A1 (Beginner) level


In this lesson, sts will learn the basic vocabulary associated with ordering in a cafe/restaurant. Sts will practice both receptive and productive skills as they get listening practice from a recording in context with the restaurant theme, and speaking in a role-play activity to practice producing sentences when "ordering" in a cafe.


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Main Aims

  • functional language in the context of ordering at a restaurant

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give sts practice in listening for specific information and to give sts controlled speaking practice for accuracy


Lead-in (5 minutes) • to introduce the context of restaurants.

T holds up a picture of a menu. Elicits word from sts (menu is the same word in Turkish). T holds up a picture of a salad. Elicits word from sts (salata in Turkish - cognate). T holds up a picture of a coffee. Elicits word from sts (kahve in Turkish - cognate). T holds up a picture of a waiter. Elicits word from sts. T writes "R_________________" on the WB. Elicits "Restaurant" from sts. Together, sts brainstorm some word associations they know about this subject, T writes them on the board.

Vocabulary (7 minutes) • to introduce sts to vocabulary to be used in the listening and speaking exercises later

T gives sts HO1, they work in pairs to mix-and-match the different words to the pictures of food vocabulary. T gives WCFB and calls on sts while pointing at the pictures of the vocab on HO1, pronunciation drill as sts say the answers one-by-one, writing them on the WB under the vocabulary section.

Listening (10 minutes) • for sts to practice their receptive listening skill with the TL in context

T writes the words from HO#2 on the WB. T explains on the WB, doing the first answer as an example, that sts will listen to the recording, and tick the food items that they hear. Make sure that T keeps track of new vocab learned throughout the lesson on a small section of the board throughout (Drinks, Food) T hands out HO#2, students work individually. Play the recording 2 times. FB: T will have the sts check their answers in pairs for 1 minute, then do WCFB on the whiteboard.

Functional Language (10 minutes) • to get sts practicing their productive skills through speaking exercise

T shows picture of waiter talking to 2 customers and puts it on the board. Points to it and asks, "Where are they?" and "What are they saying?" Listens to responses from sts. Elicits answers up onto the WB, in the form of empty speech bubbles. 1. "Can I Help You?" 2. "Yes, can I have a/an _________________, please?" 3. "Here you are." T asks CCQ's to make sure the sts know who is saying what. 1. Who says "Can I help you?" the waiter or the customer? and use this for all of the lines. T performs vanishing dialogue with the sts, making one half of the class the waiters and the other half the customers. Together we substitute drill through the phrases, changing the vocab each time (teaching writing it on the board) and each time the groups change characters (do this at least 7 times). Slowly, T erases phrases, and the characters have to remember their lines. FB: T calls on 2 sts and they have to act out the dialogue in front of the class. T corrects errors. Then T calls on another 2 sts, same deal. Another 2 sts, same deal.

Production (10 minutes) • sts produce TL through controlled speaking practice

T has sts stand up and come to the front of the classroom and sets up 2 chairs facing each other as an example. T instructs the sts through miming to do the same with the other chairs. T then counts off the students so that there are groups of 3 for each scenario: 1 waiter and 2 customers. T then tells certain sts to stay up at the front of the class who will play the waiters, and hands them menus, (2 for each "table") and the sts role play. T gives them 2 minutes. After they have finished their memorized speeches, then the students get up, and rotate roles so that the waiter is now one of the customers and vice versa. Another 2 minutes. Then final rotation.

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