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Simple past and pronouncing /ed/
B1 level


In this lesson, Ss will learn how talk simple past using some interactive activities in addition to how pronounce the regular simple past form of the verb using /ed/ that pronounced as /t/, /d/ or /Id/.


Abc Cut up collection of five simple past questions
Abc Cut up of simple past verbs ending with /ed/

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice pronunciation ed ending in the past tense form of irregular verbs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To help students practice speaking about events in the past, in particular in relation to their schooling.


Warmer/lead in (5-7 minutes) • To get students attention and practice with them the usage of simple past

T asks Ss simple past question “what did you do yesterday?” T draws timeline pointing where does the past actions take place by giving examples and making yes/no questions using regular form of simple past.

Activity 1 (5-7 minutes) • Help students to use simple past in real situations

T provides Ss with five cut up simple past questions and prepares Ss to ask his/her classmate these questions. T gives Ss a sign that they should move around and ask another classmate.

Teaching grammar (3-6 minutes) • Help students to pronounce /ed/ in appropriate way

T writes on WB examples of regular form of simple past verbs (asked, loved) then asks Ss to pronounce it. T explains the different types of pronouncing /ed/ past form of verb by giving more examples. T asks Ss to repeat after him when he pronounce the different sounds of ed within sentences.

pre-listening - Activity 2 (4-5 minutes)

T divides Ss into two or three groups and provides them with some cut up verbs with different coloured paper each group. T draws on WB the three types of pronouncing the /ed/ past form of verb then asks them to stick them on board. T corrects wrong answers if any.

Activity 3 (5-7 minutes)

T plays the audio of ex1 and drills them to pronounce verbs correctly. Then T asks Ss to tell him which category are these words related to? T starts ex2 by dividing Ss into small groups and asking them to pronounce the verbs and decide if they are with no extra syllable (NS) or extra syllable (ES). T plays the audio of ex2 and asks Ss to check their answers.

Pre-speaking activity (2-4 minutes)

T sticks on WB two different pictures of movies (Dead Poets Society, The Nutty Professor) and asks Ss some questions if they know what are these pictures. (Dead Poets Society) * Do you know who is that guy? * what do you think his job is? * who are these people? * Why are they carrying him? (The Nutty Professor) * Do you know this guy? * what do you think his job is? * Why is he smiling?

Speaking (3-5 minutes)

T asks Ss to answer the questions in pairs about the teacher they really liked. T may ask Ss to change his/her pair accordingly.

Activity 4 (2-4 minutes) • Check students ability to recognize the pronunciation of /ed/ quickly.

T plays a very quick game with Ss related to pronunciation of ed regular past simple form of the verb.

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