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Teach the teacher - Myanmar cooking
S / W / UW+ level


This is a chance for the students to teach the teacher how to cook some Myanmar foods.


Abc vocab sheet
Abc Tea leaf salad ingredients

Main Aims

  • For the students to explain in burmese how to make a salad.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make the activity fun and engaging.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • Name as many famous burmese foods as they can.

As a group one person to come to the board and they will discuss and list as many Burmese foods as they can in 3 minutes. After they have done this, ask them to describe a few of them and why they like it. Also ask them which is their favourite.

present the ingredients. (10-13 minutes) • Vocab sheet and ingredients.

Give them the vocab sheet which as a picture on and a blank space next to it, get them to fill it out while we are talking about the ingredients and get them to say the English words. If they don't know get them to guess or tell them. Once you have gone through all of this, ask them to put them in the order that you will use them.

Make the salad (20-23 minutes) • Get them to make the salad in pairs

Get them into pairs and ask them to make the salad explaining what they are doing to each other in English.

Eat the salad (10-13 minutes) • To sit and eat the salad and talk about other popular foods that are easy to make

Sit as a group and eat the salad and also talk about other things that might be easy to make. Ask them to describe how to make their favourite food.

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