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Teaching Practice 6
Intermediate/ B1 level


In this lesson, students learn new grammar (modals of speculation-past time) and practice using it. In lead-in sts revise modals of speculation (present time). Then the teacher elicitis meaning of past modals from the sts by asking CQs and drawing a cline. After that, the teacher elicitis the form and drills the pronunciation. sts practice newly learnt form in controlled task. Finally sts are given more freer task and have an opportunity for oral practice of TL.


Abc projected images, HOs,

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of modals of speculation in the context of making guesses about the past

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for making deductions in the context of past events


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • to provide the revision of the past lessons and set the context for the new grammar

Teacher makes a revision of modals of speculation (present time). Teacher shows sts images asking them to guess what’s happening in each of them. Teacher gives an example sentence describing the first image. She must be tired, sleepy. He must be angry. They must be gossiping. They must be having a fight. After that teacher explains, that next few images are about the past so sts should say what they think happened , stressing that they are going to speculate about the Past. Teacher asks ICQ: are you going to talk about the present or about the past? Teacher gives an example: Ha must have won a race. Teacher shows two more images, trying to elicit correct sentences from sts: They must have lost the match. He must have lost weight.

Meaning (5-7 minutes) • to elicit the meaning from the students

Teacher writes the sentence on the board: He must have lost the match. Teacher asks sts CQs: Did he win? Probably not. Did he lose? I srongly believe that he did. Am I sure that he lose? No, I m not. Teacher elicitis from sts other modal verbs that can be used in this structure: must, might (not) may (not) could, can’t, couldn’t. Checking meaning by drawing a cline.

Form and pronunciation: (3-4 minutes) • to elicit the correct form from sts, to drill the right pronunciation

Teacher elicitis form from the sts: He must have lost the match. Sub + modal verb + have + PP + obj Teacher drills the pronunciation.

Controlled task (8-10 minutes) • to give sts controlled practice of TL

Teacher gives sts HOs. They work individually and complete two line dialogues with their own ideas using TL. While sts are on the task, teacher monitors and assists. Error correction is performed on the spot (if necessery) as this activity concentrates on accuracy. FB: peercheck, sts receive answer key with possible answers

Freer speaking task (15-17 minutes) • to give students practice in using TL

Sts are given the newspapers headlines. Sts work in groups each group is given the different headline. They make deductions about their headlines. Then they have to agree on one within their group. Teacher monitors and assists. After sts have finished, they are given the real stories, so they can learn wether they were right or wrong. If there is enough time sts change their groups and tell their stories to each other. If necessary WC error correction at the end of the lesson.

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