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Sevgi Üstün. 7th of July. Teaching Practice3. Speaking.
Intermediate level


In this lesson, learners will be practising indefinite pronouns such as everybody,somebody by doing some underlining exercises. Later on, they will do a listening task and a matching activity. Finally, they will be given a task which provides speaking on the related topic


Main Aims

  • To get the students speaking as fluently as possible without focusing on accuracy too much.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To check students understanding of pronouns such as anything, everything.


Warmer: Showing a video related to topic and eliciting. (0-10 minutes) • This part will help students both remember the vocabulary about the topic and have an overall idea about the grammar introduced.

I will show them a video about a party. There is a percussionist and other people are dancing. I will elicit the party vocabulary asking questions like: "What are they doing? Where are they? Who is playing an instrument? All of them? So do we know the person? (Somebody is playing/ not a specific person we know) (Showing a person) Is he sleeping? Is she? (Nobody is sleeping)" I won't show all indefinite pronouns with only one video. I will show extra other examples.

First task: Filling in the gaps projected on the WB (0-3 minutes) • Students will be practising the the indefinite pronouns.

A word page, on which pronouns are written, will be projected on the board. Some parts will be missing. I will make 6 groups as there are 6 gaps and tell them to discuss about the missing parts with their groups and then one person from each group will come and write the answers on the board. I will ask ICQs: Are you going to write or discuss? Are they about pronouns? How many gaps are there?

Second task: Underlining the correct pronoun (0-10 minutes) • To practice the indefinite pronouns

I will give hand outsto them and tell : There is a dialogue between Dylan and his Mum. You need to underline the correct pronoun. ICQ: Will you fill the gaps? Then we will listen to CD track and check the answers.

Acting out the dialogue. (0-2 minutes) • To practice the TL

They will have the same dialogue and I will tell the students to act out the dialogue with the correct pronouns with their partners. I will be monitoring them.

Listening task: Finding the missing question. (0-5 minutes) • This part will help the learners to listen for a specific purpose.

In this part, they will be given the questions from the course book, speaking part 1. I will tell them to listen to Paul talking about a fancy dress party he went to and find out which question he does not answer. ICQs: Does he answer all the questions? So will you find the missing one? They will check the answer with their partners.

Extention of listening task : Matching the answers. (0-5 minutes) • This will help the students to guess and remember the answers without listening first.

This time I will give them the answers as well and tell them to match with the questions. We will listen to the answers. ICQs: Will you listen first? Will you match them or write ? They will listen and check the answers.

Speaking task: Speaking about the topic. (0-10 minutes) • To make them speak as fluently as possible without worrying too much about the grammar.

They will talk about the party they have been to with their partners. I will tell them: This time you will talk to your partner about a party you've been to. Here we have the same questions we did before. I will give you some time to think your answers and take small notes of your answers. but don't write them. ICQs: Will you take notes? Will you have some time to think? Will you discuss them on your own?

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