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TP8 - Freetime Speaking Lesson


Abc Laptop and Projector
Abc Lead in picture - what I do in my free time
Abc Vocab photos and cutouts
Abc Mingle practice - find someone who
Abc Demo roles
Abc Gal and Guy Role Cards
Abc whiteboard
Abc vocab answer key

Main Aims

  • To provide speaking practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide new or review vocabulary lexical set about free time activities


Stage 1 - Set the Context - Free time activities (2-3 minutes) • Introduce the speaking and vocabulary topic to students

1. Show picture of a free time activity 2. Ellicit the word free time to activate prior knowledge or introduce. Concept questions: a. When we're not in school or working, do we have a day off? yes b. If we have a day off do we have free time? Yes. c. Do we like doing fun things in our free time? Yes. d. In my free time I like going places with my daughter.

Stage 2 - Elicit Vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • Introduce or review vocabulary (verbs/nouns) related to free time activities

1. Put "stickey stuff" on the cutouts 2. Put cut outs on the table 3. Show pictures of free time activities on the projector 4. Demonstrate matching a cutout to the pictures 5. Have students match the rest 6. Have students review and change 6. Pass out answer key

Stage 3 - Mingle - Find someone who (12-15 minutes) • Ss practice free time activity vocabulary

1. Demonstrate - go to a students and ask questions. Write there name if they say yes 2 Show the students the handout. Tell them to find: two people who like walking in the park and write there names two people who like going to the gym and write their names one person who likes reading a book one person who likes playing an instrument 3. ICQ Will we ask other students if they like walking in the park,going to the gym and reading a book? Will we write their name if they do? 4. Monitor - make note of mis pronunciations 5. Write speaking errors on the board 6. Ask the students what they found out. 7. Review and correct the errors with the whole class

Stage 4 - Mixer Warmup - Elicit Questions to ask (3-5 minutes) • In pairs the students will write questions to find out what someone does in their spare time

1. Set the context. I'm single and someday I'd like to meet a nice man to date and maybe marry. To find out if they are a match for me I want to find out what they do in their free time. 2. Ask the students to work with their partner and write three questions I could ask someone I just met to find out what they do in their free time. 3. ICQ: Are we going to work with our partners? Are going to write three questions to ask? 4. Do feedback with the whole class and write their questions on the board. 5. Add any other questions to support the mingle activity.

Stage 5 - Mixer Demonstration (3-5 minutes) • To show students how to do the perfect match role play

1. Set context - So, for our next exercise we're in a club where men and women want to meet each other to date and maybe get married. 2. Sit next to a student and give them one of the card. 3. Tell the student to keep it a secret 4. Read from my card. My name is. I like..... What's your name? What do you like to do.? Say ohh. we aren't a match. Goodbye. Repeat activity with another students where the roles match 5. Tell students to pick a role card. They could be a woman or a man 6. Tell the students to speak to ask each other questions to see if they would be a good match. 7. There could be more than one match 8. Tell the students when they'v to sit by their match when they've found them ICQ: Will we use the role cards? Yes Will we ask each other questions? Yes Will we find our best match? Yes Will we sit with our match when we find them? Yes

Stage 6- Mixer - Find your match (10-12 minutes) • SS use free time activity vocabulary to find roles that match

1. Have the students pick a role card from the table 2. Have them start mingling and asking questions 3. Listen and note speaking errors 4. Write speaking errors on the board 5. Ask the students who their matches are 6. Correct speaking errors with the students

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