Amira Amira

Reading a text related to the internet.
Itermediate level


In this topic ,reading about the internet .It's benefits and it's importance in our daily life .


Abc computer ,flasha and data projector.

Main Aims

  • 2-Icreasing their knowledge about any topic(through vocabulary- guessing activity)
  • 1-Practicing skimming and scanning skills in reading.

Subsidiary Aims

  • 2- Learning them more vocabularies items they are responsable for in the exam such as "smartphone ,headphones ,e-readers and laptop.
  • 1-Improvement the comprehension skills through speaking for students .
  • My subsidiary aims are :


Warmer/Lead-in (1-6 minutes) • Picture helps the students to know the meaning and makes the target topic more meaningful for the visual learners.

1- T shows a picture of a laptop or a a smartphone and asks students to guess the topic of the reading that they are going to read in groups of three . 2-T gets the answers from students .

Pre-Reading/Listening (1-3 minutes) • Word guessing activity provides students with possible vocabulary items that they can see in the text and it gives them a chance to understand the topic in general without reading it .

1- T projects the topic of the reading text on the screen . 2- T distributes a word guessing activity and wants students to put a tick if they think the word is going to be in the reading text and put a cross if they think that it is not .

While-Reading/Listening #1 (1-8 minutes) • Asking them what they need to be careful about is important since they are related to skimming and scanning skills and this increases their awareness about what they need while reading and answering comprehension questions.Watching a video in order to see whether they have understood the text or is not something unusual and interesting and it will relax students since they like watching videos.

1-T distriubutes the reading text and asks students to read it quickly . P.S before they read the text T asks students what they need to be careful about while reading and answering the questions . 2- T monitors the students while they are reading so that he can see whether they understand it or not . 3- T opens a video and asks students to watch it . 4- T wants students to know who use the internet and it's importance in our daily life.

While-Reading/Listening #2 (1-3 minutes) • There are different types of questions parallel to their exams and this enables them practice it .

T distributes an activity sheet on which there different types of questions including 'open-ended'multiple choice and true false questions and ask students to answer them .

Post-Reading/Listening (1-10 minutes) • Doing the feedback session for this activity at the end of the lesson creates a smooth closure for the lesson and acts like a vocabulary recycling activity where students need to scan the text .

T asks students to check whether they were right about their guessing the vocabulary items.

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