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Beginner level


In this lesson, students will improve their speaking skill through using verbs (like, love, hate + verb+ing) in the context of 'things they like and don't like'. The lesson starts with introducing some vocabulary and phrases. This is followed by putting the students' favorite things to do from the most to the least favorite. This brings class to learn about different verbs and phrases to express their degree of interest. For instance, I like, I really like, I quite like, I hate etc. Finally there is some controlled and role-play speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • The main aim is speaking through the context of things the students like and don't like to do, specifically using the verbs 'like', 'love', 'hate'.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The sub aim might might be vocabulary and phrases.


Lead in (1-3 minutes) • To set lesson stage and engage Ss using TL (like & dislike)

Say Hello, You can find the handouts on each table, Ask Ss to look at the words/ phrases on the HO1. Do you know these words? Tick any you know?

Exposing Ss to the vocabulary (1-4 minutes) • Visualizing the words through matching words/phrases with pictures

Which one you didn't know? Look at HO2, match the words/ phrases with pictures. Check your answers in groups. S-WB Check Ss answers. No.1? No.2?

Drill the pronunciation of vocabulary (1-4 minutes) • Fluency

Look at HO1 for the words/ phrases. Listen and repeat after me. Particular attention to the pronunciation of clothes. Show them the small circle on the phrases/words shows where they need to put stress.

Eliciting the verbs from love to hate (1-5 minutes) • Using several different words & phrases to talk about things we like and dislike

Say Ss; I love travelling. (show energy and happy face). Fast food is Ok. (Demo with facial expression and your hand) I quite like shopping for clothes. Look at HO3. Put the verbs/ phrases from 1 to 7. Check answers first in groups. Look at HO4 and see your answer is right or not?

Controlled Vocabulary practice (1-4 minutes) • checking Ss understanding of verbs/ phrases

Look at HO5. complete the sentences with words in the boxes. Check answers in pair.

Grammar (verb+ing), (verb+noun) (1-4 minutes) • Help with vocabulary, (Verb+ing)

Write on the board, I love reading (verb +ing). I like books(Verb +noun). Put hate, don't like instead of love followed by verb+ing and verb +noun. Drill the sentence on the board. Books, Reading books, Like reading books, I like reading books. Do same drill for I like books. Books, Like books, I like books.

Speaking (1-5 minutes) • Talk about things you like & don't like

Write sentences below on the board; A: I really like computer games. B: Me too./ I don't. I hate them! A: Do you like dance music? B: Yes, I love it./ It's OK./ No, not really. Drill the sentences. Repeat after me.

Grammar (1-5 minutes) • likes & dislikes/ Simple present (she, he subject)

After speaking in a plenary work using the subject I and you, time for 'he and she' . Write the sentence below on the board; Hakan really likeS Jazz. He................ She.............. Drill the sentence.

Controlled practice, present simple, likes/dislike (1-4 minutes) • Using the third person and adding (s) in simple present

Look at HO7. Complete sentences about Josh (He). Demo, first one as an example.

Speaking (1-6 minutes) • Taking about third person (he,She)/ likes & dislikes

Divide them into groups, ask Ss to speak about a friend of them like this; She likeS shopping for clothes. He likes cooking. Monitor and focus on their mistakes. Address the mistakes after monitoring.

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