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Copy of Reading about Chinese
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to develop their reading skills, by reading a text about Chinese young generation


Abc Matching HO
Abc Comprehension questions
Abc true-false statements
Abc Matching HO

Main Aims

  • To improve students' reading skills

Subsidiary Aims

  • to build up new vocabulary and speaking, because they like speaking activities


To set the context (10 minutes) • To get students engaged in the topic

-stand in front of the WB -show 2 pictures (1 flat shoe - 1 high heel shoe) -ask them what is the difference between them, which one do women wear/prefer? why? let them discuss these questions. -get feedback -ask them to stand up and make a line according the their height -now ask the tallest and shortest one Íf they are happy with their height or not'

Pre vocab teaching (10 minutes) • to provide some vocablary before reading

-tell them know they are going to work with some vocabulary staff to get familiar with the text and to remember some words and their meaning -chest the material in front of WB -give instructuins that they have sentensec with underlined words and they are going to find those words' definitions. there are also definitions. -give them 5-7 min. -if you see that they are finished, tell them to check with their partners

True False (5-7 minutes) • to get a general idea about the text

-stand in front of the WB -chest the material -give instructions ; there are some sentences, make a guess if they are true or false, -use ICQs -give them 5 min. - let them check with their partners when they finish

Comprehension questions (10 minutes) • to see if students understand the text

-chest the hand out in front of WB -give instructions: they are going to read the text again and answer the questions on the hand out. -let them chek with their peers. -Get some feedback talk about it

Speaking (10 minutes) • to imprive their speaking because they like speaking

-ask them what do they think about this operation? -what would happen in Turkey if this popularity was here? -what are the advantages and disadvantages of this operation? -If you had a change what changes would you do with your self? -let them 10 min. to talk about these questions, -get feedback

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