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Gr 6 Thanksgiving
Grade 6 level


Kids learn the history of Thanksgiving and then make a thankful turkey


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Abc construction paper, scissors, and glue/tape

Main Aims

  • Kids can understand and reconstruct a simple sequence of events in the past tense

Subsidiary Aims

  • Have fun and learn a little about Thanksgiving


Introduction (4-6 minutes) • Introduce the topic for the lesson.

Introduce Thanksgiving. Explain it's a holiday to give thanks and have a big dinner. Tell them when it is - it's the 4th Thursday in November. You can use the calendar to count four Thursdays and show them where it ends up this year (the 24th). Play the song.

Pre-teach vocab (2-2 minutes) • teach words for the reading

Teach the feast, elicit and drill

Reading (8-10 minutes) • Students read through the story

Before the story ask the question, whom were they thanking on the First Thanksgiving (answer: the Native Americans). Go through the slides and let kids read - help them through the hard parts. Act out parts of it if you can, to help them comprehend. After, have them talk in pairs about the question, and then elicit an answer from the class.

Controlled Activity (8-12 minutes) • Get kids to reconstruct the story

Write the numbers 1 to 7 on the board. Have kids arrange the sentences in the right order (using magnets if you have them, or if not, just standing in the right place with the paper). Give each sentence to a group of 2 kids and all 14 of them go up at once. After they have done this several times, give the unfinished sentences. This time the kids have to put them up in order and finish them. Help with spelling and write some words on the board, e.g. native Americans, that they won't be able to spell.

Uncontrolled Activity (12-16 minutes) • Students express thasnks in Emnglish and have fun with a crafts activity

Kids will cut out a turkey (ideally from brown paper if you have it) and some feathers from different colour paper. The turkey can be a very simple shape - use the outline provided to give them an idea of how to do it. On each feather they write one thing they are thankful for (e.g. I am thankful for mom). Encourage them to be creative and not just list all their family members. They glue or tape the feathers to the turkey.

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