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Personal characteristics lesson
Beginner level


Abc About you handout - Yes/no questions

Main Aims

  • Grammar - forming questions

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking - about people/things


Warm up (10 minutes) • set up context for asking questions

I will begin by asking some simple questions about the class and about myself to set up the next part in which I will ask individual students questions about my girlfriend. Ex. What are you? (students) Yes, you are students. Are you smart students? Yes, you are smart students. Repeat "I am a smart student" What am I? Yes, I am a teacher Am I am nice teacher? Repeat: "You are a nice teacher." Explain the way we form the question: Is she/are you... ... Show a photo of my girlfriend Tell a couple things about her that only I know, e.g. "my girlfriend is shy. Move on to ask them about her: Is she ugly or beautiful? does she look nice or mean?

About you activity (yes/no) (10 minutes) • Practice forming/asking yes/no questions (Part 1)

Put vocab words on board Ask students to write a couple words describing themselves to begin. Introduce the activity. Give clear instructions about asking questions to another person. Explain when to use are/is. Are you/are they/are your - is your/is he/is she Ask students to pair up and make the sentences using the given context. Then to write their true yes/no answers.

About others activity (10 minutes) • Grammar and vocabulary

Begin with example q's (write ex. on WB): Are you lazy? No, I am not lazy Ask sts about themselves: (sts name) you lazy? elicit answer in sentence form. Use example from last activity for forming the question: Do we use is or are in this sentence ______you outgoing? Ask sts to get a new partner. Hand out sheet. Ask sts to fold the paper. Give instructions about the handout. Using only the left side, fill in the is/are part first. _____ you outgoing? (are) Once complete, elicit some vocab by asking individual sts to repeat some of their answers. Ask sts to unfold sheet. Give instructions to form the answers. Give an example with the question example. Yes, I am outgoing. Once complete, ask sts to ask each other q's for whole class to hear.

Mingle (10 minutes) • Speaking Practice

Give instructions about mingle. (there are characteristics on the left, you will find a person that has that characteristic and write their name on the right). Model the question/mingle. Give students Mingle Sheet to fill in. Mingle (5 minutes) Ask students to sit. Use vocab words on WB. to go over the sheet. Ask students to tell of a person that had the characteristic using a complete sentence. Model the response they should give.

Hangman (5 minutes) • practice vocabulary

If time permits, play a quick game of hangman to review vocab words. Once they word is on wb, drill. ask who in the class has that characteristic.

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