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Teaching Practice 6b
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson , students will start discussion about a painting of a magician and describe the pictures.this helps them to predict what they are going to listen to. Students will listen and and check if any of the details mentioned . they will read some notes on the listening task . they will listen again intensively to complete the notes.Students will discuss some terms and guess their meaning and try to create a context for them


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Main Aims

  • Students will be able to listen for specific information and speak about them.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce some vocabulary e.g. illusion magic, tricks ........


Lead -in (5-8 minutes) • To prepare the students for the lesson

* Cut two copies which are content-rich and will work as a jigsaw. * Put the pieces in envelop and give them out to pairs and have the students rearrange them to make full images. *When they finish, I get back the images and have the students try to recall three things they remember from the picture to their partners.

Pre listening (5-8 minutes) • To prepare the students for the listening task

*Show the students a picture on the projector( The Conjurer ) and have them write a list of things they find interesting about people expressions what are they doing ,the grouping of the characters, the art and the colors. *The students discuss the similarities with their partners.

Listening (8-14 minutes) • To listen for gist and for specific information

* students listen to an extract , discussing the meaning of the painting . * Students listen to find any similarities between what they have written and the speaker . * Students read the notes and check the meaning of difficults words e.g. deceive, lean,tension.. * listen again intensively and fill and compete the notes * give the students the answers and have them check their answers.

Post listening (5-7 minutes) • To give the students opportunity practice free talking

* Students Choose two of the questions in exercise 4 and discuss in groups.e.g Have you seen a magic show? Do you know any famous magician? Can you perform any magic tricks?

Vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • To introdue some terms and their metaphoric uses

* students look at the terms and try to guess their meaning. * Students in pairs fill in the gaps and compare their answers. * Imaginative students try to put these terms in mini contexts

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