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Teaching Practice 1
Beginner level


In this lesson students will review country vocabulary and will be introduced to nationalities in the context of talking about where people are from. The singular positive form of "to be" will be introduced and the students will practice asking questions and answering which country they are from and what their nationality is. They will learn the vocabulary and grammar through audio and visual aids as well as modelling and choir drilling.


Main Aims

  • To review country vocabulary and introduce nationalities in the context of talking about where people are from.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammar-To introduce and practice the singular positive form 'to be'.


Stage 1 (Lead in) (8-10 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and Make the context of the lesson clear all at the same time reviewing countries and the alphabet.

Ex 1 a) Have countries ( one per SS) written on a post-it with missing vowels and posted to the walls around the class. SS must walf around and write all the countries down on a piece of paper. For the FB nominate each student to spell out a country word.

Stage 2 ( matching the vocabulary) (3-5 minutes) • To provide SS with new nationality vocabulary

EX 1 b) Match the nationality with the country. The T will do a demo such as "I'm from Canada, I'm Canadian" HO will be given to each SS with in one column the countries and the next the nationalities. They must then draw a line to match them. SS will then turn to the person on the right to share answers. FB will be given by WC.

Stage 3 ( listening and pronounciaton ) (5-7 minutes) • Listening and practicing the countries nationaities with particular attention to word stress

EX 2 a) Listen to audio R2.1 OHP with dots on stress in word. T modeling and does choral drilling. SS can use HO in Stage 2 to write down stress on words. EX 2 b) SS work in pairs taking turns saying a country and a nationality. EX 2 c) Using the present singular form 'to be' written on WB , SS get into pairs and practice I'm from____ and I'm_____.

Stage 4 ( Listen and match the answer) (5-7 minutes) • introduction of 'to be' with nationality, controlled listening for specific information.

EX 3 a-b)SS receive HO of four pictures and in PW must complete the missing information. Play audio R2.2 and have them correct their answers. EX 4) Have SS complete sentences of form 'to be' in PW, WC FB

Stage 5 (fill in the gaps) (5-7 minutes) • Practice using present singular for, 'to be'

EX 6 a) SS receive HO and in a GW must complete the 6 questions. A member of each group will be identified to answer a question.

Stage 6 (Aims completed, mingling activity) (8-10 minutes) • SS put in practice their pronoucitation and listening skills

SS will each receive a the flag of a country on an A4 with the name of a famous personality. SS will get up walk arounf asking each other: Who are you? (I'm__________) Where are you from?( I'm from ______. I'm _______). T walking around to monitor.

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