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Present Simple/Present Continuous
Beginner level


In this lesson Ss will practice the use of Present Simple and Present Continuous in the context of daily activities and the weather.


Abc Writing True Sentences Handout
Abc True Sentence Chart Handout

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson Ss will have a better understanding between the Present Simple and the Present Continuous

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will have a better understanding of the DO/DOES
  • Ss will practice asking follow-up questions to keep a conversation going.
  • Ss will have practiced the use of prepositions of place.


Warmer/Lead-in (15-20 minutes) • To review vocabulary and present simple statements in the context of weather.

WOB 6 weather vocabulary: 1-Raining (V), 2-Snowing (V), 3-Windy (A), 4-Hot (A), 5-Humid (A), 6-Cold (A) Drill pronunciation... Show images of 6 different weather conditions, instruct Ss to give the number of the weather that matches the images, instruct them to use: Number 1-Rain, Number 2-Snow, etc Repeat with different images and instruct Ss to use complete sentences to answer the question: What's the weather in this image? A: IT IS ..... WOB: Sub+V2B to vocabulary words on board, using a different color marker. Drill Present Simple statements. Use fingers to guide through IT IS pronunciation WOB prepositions commonly used within these contexts: outside, inside, in Clarify how they are used to identify a place or location... WHERE? WOB examples of preposition use: It's raining outside. It's hot inside. It's snowing in Alaska.

Test #1 (15-25 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language

Handout #1: Instruct Ss to complete a gap-fill using Top 6 Weather Expressions, using information about where they live. Instruct Ss to compare their answers with a partner. WCF Ask if statements practiced are in the present simple or present continuous.... transition to teach stage

Teach (15-20 minutes) • To clarify areas of the target language where students had difficulty in the first test stage

WOB sentences... She is studying in the library right now. - She studies in the library everyday. Elicit the difference between the two. Clarify difference between Present Continuous and Present Simple. WOB both structures underneath sentences Sub+be+verb+ing+comp Sub+adverb of frequency+verb+comp WOB adverbs of frequency and the determiners like: everyday, every week... on the side pf Pres Simple and clarify how they are used tin this tense, to talk about routine activities. Read various examples out loud and elicit what tense each is in: She's driving her car.(PC) She usually drives to school.(PS) The students are working on a project.(PC) They always finishes her homework on time(PS) Repeat and elicit negative forms of each sentence, WOB. Clarify use of DO/DOES and how they are auxiliaries used for NEGATIVE statements and INTERROGATIVE forms. **If necessary, clarify that DO/DOES is also an action verb. WOB form: Positive: Sub + base verb + comp - She plays. Negative: Sub+do/does+not+verb+comp - She doesn't play. S?=Do/Does+sub+baseverb+comp? - Does she play? Info?=Wh-+do/does+sub+verb? - What does she play?

Test #2 • To review the use of DO/DOES

Project worksheet and have students work in their assigned groups to complete the simple questions. They should compare their answers with other groups. WCF. Monitor and take note of errors made for error correction phase.

Test #3 (20-25 minutes) • To review Ss understanding of Present Continuous questions.

Handout #2: Instruct Ss to complete the chart about 5 people/classmates. 1. Write name using possessive adjective my, his, for example: my classmate Jenny... 2. Answer question using a verb and preposition. If necessary, WOB form: Sub+V2B+prep+place 3. Answer question, What is he doing right now?, using Present Continuous and present time marker. If necessary, WOB form: Sub+V2B+Verb+ing+present time marker (right now, now, at the moment). Ss should ask a classmate: What are you doing right now? Elicit and WOB a list of action verbs, drill. 4. Answer question, What is he doing these days? Clarify the use of "these days" for something commonly done lately. Ss should ask their classmates: "What are you doing these days?

Free practice - Present Simple (15-20 minutes) • Freer Speaking Practice

Sit Ss in a circle. WOB list of subjects and verbs. Ss will begin to play a fast paced speaking game using present simple. Ss who make mistakes leave the circle. Last S left, wins. 1st S: Sub + verb = I walk 2nd S: same Sub + Do/does not + verb = I don't walk 3rd: Different Sub + verb = she runs 4th: same sub + do/does not + verb = she doesn't run etc Play again; This time add, Simple Question = does she run? If time allows play again using Present Continuous. For advanced: add Simple Question + Info Question. I am walking I am not walking Am I walking? What am I doing?

Freer Practice (10-20 minutes) • To further practice use of TL and its form.

Use Kahoot to check Ss understanding of TL.

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