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Teaching Practice 2
Global/ Workbook/ Upper- intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to work on their reading and writing skills. This lesson includes more personalized task. Ss are going to work on gist reading and scanning the text given to them in order to fulfill the tasks and then by writing a letter or an email according to the lesson they will be using whatever they have learned during the lesson.


Abc Text
Abc Writing
Abc Pre-reading task

Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a Letter/Email in the context of A letter to a friend/colleague/family to keep in tounch

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Keep in touch in the context of Letter from a friend


Lead-in • To create interest in the topic

I would ask the Ss to think if they have any friends they haven't seen or heard from for a long time. then I will hand them a paper to write three things that they expect to find from this person in his/her letter. After they will work in pairs/small groups to compare their ideas.

Gist • To check their answers

I will hand in a "letter" to them. They should read the text quickly in order to find out if it includes their ideas. Then they will work in pairs to check. teacher is going to ask them to talk about it in whole class activity.

Detail • To find a suitable topic for each paragraph

Ss will read the text again for details. I will give them the matching activity. Then in pairs they should match the topics to the related paragraphs. Then they can check their answers with other pairs. After that we will check it in a whole class activity. Teacher will ask "why they think this is the right answer?" "Show us some evidence from the text"

Features of writing • To find out about the function of the words and expressions

The teacher sticks eight papers to the board in way that student can only see the blank side not the texts. The he/she asks each pair to come to the board and try to match the features with the words and expressions. In a whole class activity we discuss why this is the correct answer.

Preparing-writing • Brainstorming their ideas

Ss will be given time to think who they want to write about and what they're doing now and what had happened. Student will regroup by choosing colored paper to sit together. Then they need to choose the best ideas to include in their letters.

Writing • To write a letter

Teacher provides papers for the Ss in order to write their letters on them. The writing paper also has some "useful language" phrases to help them through out their letter writing. If time teacher asks them to swap their letters and give each other FB on errors. If not teachers asks them to put their letters on the board to read the letters and decide whose life has changed the most.

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