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Unusual achievements
Upper Intermediate, B2 level


In this lesson, Ss learn how to hypothesize timelines to illustrate the three forms of Perfect tenses; Present Perfect, Past Perfect and Future Perfect.


Abc Gap-fill- handout
Abc Gap fill-handout.

Main Aims

  • To provide
  • To help the Ss to recognise the general concept of Perfect Tenses by looking at the pictures and monitor the Ss by asking CCQs questıions about what each person is doing in the listening part of unusual achievement.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Play recording to provide clarification and practice of perfect tenses in the present, past and future with writing time words and drawing timelines on the board.


Sıdal Acar • Warmer/ Lead in To engage Ss into the topic and get their hypothesize to looking at the pictures and asks Ss what each person is doing and guess their achievements are.

. Provide students to interpret the pictures and ask if they can guess what the people have succeed in their life.

Sıdal Acar • Pre -Listening . To prepare students to understand the general concept of Perfect Tenses by recording and pausing after each session.

Explain the general concept that are common to all verbs in the Perfect Tenses by drawing a timeline on the board which shows people's recent achievements , two actions had happened first before and action that will be completed by(not later than) a certain in the future and ask Ss to complete the sentences and find the examples . Ex. 2a/b. Monitor and help if necessary.

Sıdal Acar • Presentation To focus on some detailed actions rather than on when it happened.

Put Ss individually and in pairs and ask students to complete the sentences in Analysis Part pg 54 ex 2 a/b . Monitor and write example sentences on the board and provide any grammar they need. Clarify problems with meaning by referring to the timelines and the examples in Language focus 1, exercise 2 and hand out the answers and get Ss to check with their partners.

Sıdal Acar • Controlled Practice Draw Ss attention to the pictures on pg 55 in order to get more detailed informatıon about people that they see.

. Encourage Ss to ask each other for getting more information about the pictures on pg.55 and ask if they know any of the people in the picture . Ask CCQs questıons ; What they are doing and what they think their achievements are. . Put Ss into pairs and give students a few min. to find the answers. . Put Ss into pairs. Hand-out the answers and check answers as a whole class.

Sıdal Acar • . Freer Practice / Personalization To provide them with an opportunity to enable writing sentences in Perfect Tenses from the text for practice.

Ask Ss to work individually by completing the sentences in ex.2, pg.55 Give Ss a few min. to write their answers. Monitor and help with any vocabulary or grammar they need.

Sıdal acar • . Wrap up To provide with an opportunity to respond to the TL and expand on what they have learned.

Put Ss in pairs and ask students to take it turns to read sentence to their partner. Encourage students to ask each other for more information as they go through the sentences. Tell Ss to read the most interesting sentence out loud. Encourage Ss to do a list to find the greatest achievements in their country in the last 150 years, the greatest inventions of the last 150 years , the worst inventions of the last 150 years.

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