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Possessive's In The Context of Family
Elementary level


Students will learn about possessive's and how it's used in the sentence combine with vocabulary from family tree.


Abc Handout of a p17 and listening exercise for number 9 from the same page.

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of possessive's in the context of families and use new vocabulary.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening, family vocabulary.


Warmer - 5 min • To activate schemata and engaige students

First I'll ask students to tell me all the new vocabulary from the previous lesson they can remember. I'll take few sentences from page 16 and ask everyone to repeat them after me.

Reading exercise - 10 min • Students will identefy the words they just lernt and deside which are true or false.

I'll give students handouts of page 17 and ask them first to read exercise 5. Once they're done, I'll ask them to discuss it in the group and choose which are true and false. After discussion I'll ask for feedback.

Focus on grammar - 10 min • Students will easyly spot possessive's in the sentence.

I'll wright some sentences on the white board and show how possessive's work and what it means. I'll also ask all the students questions about their relatives, to make sure they understood the topic.

Speaking fluent - 5 min • Students can ask simple questions and use possessives in the answers.

I'll ask students to take a look at the pics from page 17 and talk in the group of 3 or 4, by asking each other questions. Once they're done I'll ask for feedback.

Listening exersice - 5 min • Students will recognize new vocabulery and possessive's from the conversation.

I'll let students listen exercise 9b from page 17 and everyone together decide the right order of the pics. If needed, play the exercise one more time.

Speaking fluent - 10 min • Students are comfortable using new vocabulary and possessive's in conversation.

I'll use star concept for this exercise, their names inside of the star and 5 of their relatives outside. I'll divide everyone in pair groups and ask them to exchange their stars. Once they done it, students will ask each other question about the relatives. I'll wright possible questions on the w/b. At the end I'll ask everyone about their partner's relatives.

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