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Integrated Skills Lesson
Elementary level


in this lesson students will practice reading, speaking listening and writing skills in the context of going on a day out. After discussing things students can do on a day out in Istanbul, students will do a jigsaw reading of 2 texts about days out in London. Students will then listen to a text for gist and detail about a family going on a day out in London which includes references to the places in the readings. Finally students will work in groups to write an advertisement for day trips in Istanbul using the same format as was used in the readings.


Abc Format for Advertisement
Abc listening R8.8
Abc Questions Listening task
Abc Questions Jigsaw reading
Abc Reading text Regents park
Abc Reading text Chessington

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about a day out in the context of an integrated skills lesson

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide reading, writing and speaking practice in the context of a text about planning a day out in the format of an integrated skills lesson


Warmer/Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students in the topic of a day out.

Show images of places in and near Istanbul for a day out, elicit what they are WC. Elicit the concept of "a day out" by asking students what they think we mean by a day out at these places - somewhere not to far a way we can go for a fun, exciting ,interesting or relaxing day out. Ss in GW of 3s for 2 minutes to discuss favourite days out in Istanbul and why. WC feedback from 2 groups

Pre -listening jigsaw reading task (12-15 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible in the context of practicing reading and speaking.

Pre-teach vocabulary for the reading - adventure and bike ride, open air theatre, gorilla and Sumatran tiger using google images. Point out that one thing people can do for a day out is go to a theme park or natural park. Show the image of the adventure ride and point out it is in Chessington and the open air theatre image is in Regent's park which are both places people in London go for a day out. Divide the class down the middle- side A and side B. As read Chessington text and Bs read Regent's Park text. Ask students to read and answer the questions As top half Bs bottom half of the page. Hand out texts from middle students and hand every student a worksheet. Allow a few minutes for students to read and answer the questions. When students have answered pair an A with a B. and get them to tell each other the information from their texts and other student to write it in . Hand out an answer key.

Listening for Gist (4-5 minutes) • To provide students with practice listening for overall understanding.

Introduce the audio. The Stevens family are trying to work out what to do for a day out. We are going to listen to their conversation. Please listen and name 3 places they talk about . ICQ - how many places are you listening for ? Feedback WC

Listening for Detail (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with practice of the more comlex task of listening for more detailed comprehension

Tell students we are going to listen to the recording again. Show listening questions. Say please answer these questions. Hand it out - give them a short time to read them before playing the recording. Play recording. Give students a bit of time to answer the questions and ask them to peer check in pairs. Students might need another chance to listen if having difficulty Elicit answers from the students but don't say if correct. Ask students to listen again to the recording to see if their answers are correct. Clarify any discrepancy WC

Post listening productive writing task (14-16 minutes) • To practice writing and to provide students with an opportunity to respond to the texts in a written form and expand on what they've learned

Remind students of their discussion about places to go out in Istanbul . Say - now your going to write an advertisement for a place in Istanbul like tie ones for RP and Chessington. Project the format onto the whiteboard. Take students through it using Regent Park as an example - Name - I sentence about the place - give example - 3 things you can do there - remind students of holiday vocabulary they learnt 2 days ago - you can go sightseeing, to a restaurant etc, then opening details etc. Depending numbers re-group students groups of 3 or pairs and say need to decide on a place you will write about and have one person to write - handout template. Monitor closely and assist with vocabulary or ideas for groups . When finished ask students to stick their work up around the room and all walk around and decide where they want to go. Ask a couple of students where they chose.

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