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reported speech
upper intermediate level


In this lesson the learners will practice using reported speech, focusing on the reporting verbs 'said, asked and told.' They will first take a quick test so T can gauge their familiarity/ability with the target language. If they do well on the test the T will do a very brief clarification and move straight to practice tasks. If they have difficulty with the test then the students will be exposed to the target language via a short text, the target language will then be clarified before the practice stage. In the controlled practice stage the students will practice changing sentences from direct speech into reported speech. In the semi-controlled practice the Ss will play a game of 'broken telephone'. In the freer practice the students will do a mingle activity where they interview as many classmates as possible before reporting their findings back to their partner.


Abc A4 papers
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Abc Small papers including questions
Abc Textbook
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of reported speech

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review


warmer / lead - in (15-20 minutes) • to prepare SS for grammar and make them familiar with the topic

T will set the scene. T will start talking on the phone and pretends he is talking on the phone with his friend. T will tell SS about his friend that is appearing on AGT tv show, and he has sent a video of himself to T to be played in class. T will tell SS a sentence in reported speech. the T will lay the video and will ask SSto be careful about his friend and his tricks doing in front of viewers. then they have to tell the class what did he do and what did he say to others. T will write 1 or 2 sentences on the board to make SS familiar and prepared for reported speech.

study ( exposure) (25-30 minutes) • • To provide context for the target language through a text or situation

T will BOC , then he will ask SS to look at the pictures carefully, then they have to think about reality of 3 pictures shown on the top of page 83. T will put SS into 3 groups by using hair ties, grouping them based on colors. then he will ask them to read sentences randomly and decide which one is a statement, question or a request. then T will tell SS about reported speech and its' frame and instruction, then SS will read rules in part C. then T will ask one of the SS to read it aloud for others once more.

Activation (35-40 minutes) • To provide students with practice using reported speech / To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

C P : T will ask SS to look at the provided worksheet, then they have to do the exercises while the music is being played. the worksheet contains some sentences that they have to change them into reported speech. then, randomly, some sentences will be checked by teachers and will be written on the board for more clarification. Semi-C : T will ask SS to pick up a picture of their favorite celebrity, and they have to make a dream interview with that person, writing down his/her favorite things, then, they have to represent those information in class , using reported speech. F P: T gives instructions: OK , now we are going to stand up, go around and ask each member of the class as many questions as you can. What kind of questions? elicit some quickly: 'do you take the metro?' 'What is your favorite color etc' Make a note of some answers so that you remember. You only have two minutes. Then sit back down and report to your partner all the things that you learned. The pair who accurately report the most things wins. T monitors SS, delayed error correction is required.

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