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Sports and Games, Lesson 1
Book 4 level


In this lesson, cadets are able to create oral & written positive/ negative statements, yes/ no questions and long/ short answers in both full and contracted forms, in response to oral and written cues. Then, cadets learn forming a question starting with 'Did' and dropping 'd' or 'ed' from the verb. After that, cadets are able to read a short paragraph & understand. Finally, review the grammar by asking the class some questions.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of asking and answering past tense yes/no questions in the context of sports, games

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan and gist reading practice using a text about short paragraph


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To review & link past tense lesson with today's lesson

T will ask cadets what do we add at the end of each sentence a full stop or question mark?. T will ask cadets what do we use to make an affirmative sentence to negative?. T will ask cadets do we add (did not) before the verb or after?. T will ask cadets do we keep the 'ed' after using did not?

Grammar (8-10 minutes) • Asking and answering past tense yes/no questions

T will write show an affirmative example ends with a full stop on the smartboard and explain to cadet how to convert it to a question by adding 'Did' at the beginning and dropping 'ed' from the verb then ending with a question mark. After that, cadets will be shown how to answer with long/short answers.

Reading and Grammar (5-8 minutes) • to check cadets vocab and comprehension

Cadets will be asked to read a short paragraph and underline past tense verbs. Cadets will answer individually, after answering they compare their answers with the cadets next to them or behind them. Then, cadets will be asked to check the correct answers attached to the classroom's walls.

Reading and Speaking (5-8 minutes) • Reading & Speaking comprehension

Cadets will work in groups to match each question with the best answer related to the grammar. After that, cadets will be asked to check & correct their answers from the answers attached to the classroom's wall.

Grammar and Writing (5-8 minutes) • To familiarize cadets with negative statements order in sentences

Cadets will be divided into 4 groups each group will unscramble one question that will be given to them as small sheets of paper. Then, all groups will change the question they have by changing seats with the other groups. After that, the correct answers will be displayed on the smartboard.

Review (1-3 minutes) • To check cadets understanding

Cadets will be asked questions about the grammar learned at the beginning of the lesson. Asking cadets: 1- What punctuation should be added at the end of a question? 2- Do we keep 'ed' with the verb after asking a question or not? 3- Do we start with Capital or small at the beginning of a question? 4- Do we add a comma or full stop after a short/long answer?

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