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Functional Language: different ways of giving emphasis
Upper Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson,Ss learn about different ways of giving emphasis .The lesson starts with showing photos on WB for Ss to discuss in pairs and then Ss will listen to the sentences and write the correct answers on papers ,then in pairs.Ss do the Ex.2,pg.68 and then I`ll show them the first example how the words are stressed when we make them stronger in emphatic way.In controlled practice,Ss will match the sentences a-j with sentences 1-10 then Ss learn how to mark the stress on the words.


Abc Handouts
Abc New Cutting Edge Upper-intermediate Work Book Mod.6, Ex 9,pg.46
Abc New Cutting Edge Upper-intermediate Course Book Mod 6 p 68

Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of language used for giving examples of emphatic words. in the context of words related to "so,really,absolutely,do.why on earth,it was me" in conversation.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce to Ss some words and phrases used by emphatic words and cleft sentences and pronunciation


STAGE 1 (Warm-Up) (2-3 minutes) • To engage Ss into the topic by showing them two photos and get them ready for the listening and pronunciation parts

- Put Ss into small groups of 3 and focus them on the picture to discuss What they see or can tell about it. - Get Ss to find some information or reasons about the woman on the picture - Ask Ss to tell their ideas by groups. - What can they tell about the picture? - How does she look like ? She looks worried or shocked . - Why does the woman look worried or shoched ? Because,she losther car keys.

STAGE 2 (Lead-in) (5-10 minutes) • To give guidance about the main idea of the topic

- Explain the handwritten symbols which indicate missing words - Ask Ss to be pairs to do this activity - Get Ss to read a conversation between Hannah and Dan on Ex.1,pg.68 - Have Ss ignore the handwritten symbols - Ask Ss to aswer the last question - what has Hannah lost ? She lost her car keys. - What did Dan lose? He lost all his credit cards.

STAGE 3 (Listening) (10-15 minutes) • Provide Ss with more challing tasks given in Ex.2,pg.68

-Explain Ss that handwritten symbols show missing words -Get them to listen to the conversation M6.Ex.2,pg.68 -Show and do the first example on the paper or WB -Ask Ss to do the rest of them individually and then compare with your partner and discuss which is which in pairs. - Get Ss to compare eah other if there are correct then check the answer with Ss by listening the recording -In language Analysis, -Ask Ss to answer the questions (a-e)related the topic -Give Ss enough time to discuss with their pairs. such as :such,so,do,what on earth, -S+to be +so+adj= The Weather is so lovely -S+to be +such+noun= You`ve got such a nerve. -S+to be +such+ad+nounj= Yesterday was such a lovely day. -You do speak English in class. - You`re over 2 hours late.Where on earth have you been?

STAGE 4 ( Controlled Practice ) (5-10 minutes) • To use the contex to guess how to match and mark the words stressed

- Do the first sentence for Ss on the WB - Put Ss into pairs - Ask Ss to match the other sentences - After they have finished,show how it can be more emphatic - Tell ss that there may be more than one possilbilty in some cases. - Use the recording to check the answers written onthe WB -I`m absolutely/completely/totaly/utterly exhausted.(absolutely stressed one)

STAGE 5 (Pronunciation) (5-10 minutes) • To encourage Ss to mark the words that are specially stressed.

- Ask Ss to read the two examples with the appropriate stress or read them yourself. - Ask Ss to look at the tapescript in their hands for recording in Practice Ex.1,pg.68 - Play the recording and pause briefly after each pair of the sentences to give Ss time to mark the stress. - Emphasise that they need onlymark the words stressed specially, -Check the answers as a WC - Plat the sentences again if Ss find this activity difficult

STAGE 6(If time allows) (3-5 minutes) • To make them practice with the emphatic words stressed

- Encourage Ss to wtrite two sentences related to today`s lesson with their partners by using intensifiers and cleft sentences. - Get Ss to walk around to see other pairs`sentences

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