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Time phrases - vocabulary - prepositions
elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn the use of time phrases connected to prepositions starting with asking them questions to check their current knowledge of the topic and relatively using the board to make sentence models using time phrases with prepositions. After the sentence modelling to check understanding they will play a board game where they will match the correct phrase under the correct preposition. This activity will be followed by a controlled practice where they will do gap filling and checking answers in pairs. Second part of the lesson will be further activities to practice time phrases with prepositions by making questions asking one and other and reporting.


Abc Slips of time phrases
Abc Gap-fill handout
Abc Reading and choosing correct word sentences
Abc snap game

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson SS will understand the correct use of time phrases along with prepositions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve the SS awareness of using correct prepositions for time phrases.


STAGE 1 (Lead in) (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the context of the lesson and find out if the SS are familiar with the phrases

-T will ask the day, month, time and the part of the day and write the elicited information on the board in columns. -T will give sentence models using prepositions and the time phrases from the personal schedule and write the sentence under the correct title for it to be visual for the SS. e,g, DAY MONTH ? TIME PART OF THE DAY -I watch Gunesin Kizlari(Turkish series) on Thursdays. - I have lunch in the afternoon. -After demonstrating few sentences T will write and read the next sentence and ask the SS under which title this sentence will go. -T will give a sentence and ask the SS which title it goes under, Twill write the sentence under the title, if correct T will underline on the sentence why it's correct, if not correct, T will ask the SS "do you think it's correct?" No, why?, because the sentence is about 'day' so it goes under the 'DAY'

STAGE 2 (warm up activity) (5-8 minutes) • SS will learn how to match the time phrases with the correct prepositions

-T will divide the board into four and write in, on, at and every in each corner. -T will divide the class into two. -T will show each slip of phrases one by one and pronounce it and get the SS to repeat -T will demonstrate by sticking a phrase in the correct corner of preposition and reading it out. e.g. -the morning, in the morning. -T will give out the slips equally to the groups, tell the SS to stick the phrases in the correct corner, set time. -T will check answers correct any wrong match and explain the use of each preposition on the board. e.g. - ON is used for days - IN is used for the part of the day - AT is used for time

STAGE 3 (Controlled practice) (5-8 minutes) • To practice prepositions and become familiar with the correct use of it

- T will introduce the handout for the controlled practice that will be gap filling. - T will read and write the first sentence on the board and ask which preposition will go in the gap. - T will give out the handout and ask the SS to fill in the blanks individually. - T will pair the SS and ask the SS to fold the answer side of the handout and ask each other the sentences with the answers to correct each other.

STAGE 4 (freer practice) (10-15 minutes) • For the SS to practice more time phrases along with prepositions, to be able to produce sentences from the phrases and ask each other.

- T will write one example phrase on the word and elicit the correct word from the SS e.g. - 'Watch TV every/in evening' - read the phrase and which word is correct - T will put class into 3 groups a,b and c - T will give out the list of 5 phrases and ask the SS to circle the correct word when done to check answer - T will ask the SS to get up and find the answer sheet for their group on the wall - T will refer back to the sentence on the board and ask how a sentence could be made from this sentence. e.g. 'do you watch TV every evening?' - T will ask this question to the SS ramdonly untill T receives two 'yes' answers and T will write the names of the two SS on the board next to the question finally T will report the answer to the class e.g. 'Nisa and Mert watch's TV every evening' -T will ask the SS to also make questions with the phrases - T will ask the SS mingle and ask each other the questions and find two people who answer yes for each question. - T will ask the SS to report to WC.

STAGE 5 (game activity) (5-10 minutes) • If time left, for the SS to enjoy while still practicing time phrases and prepositions.

- There will be Two sets of small cards, one set will contain the prepositions and the second set will contain the time phrases. T will show the two sets of small cards for the snap game and demonstrate how it's played. e.g. - T will ask a S to help play, T will face the cards facing down and shuffle them then T will turn a card over T will ask the S to turn a card too and if the two turned cards match, anyone who notices this will shout snap! the first person who shouts snap will take the two cards. so the two who has the most piled cards is the winner!

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