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Phrasal verbs
pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Students will learn about the literal and idiomatic phrasal verbs through the PPP method of teaching vocabulary. the first part of the lesson starts by presenting the context and eliciting any prior language that the students may have about literal phrasal verbs. This is followed by immediate exercises of the words the Ss just picked up like fill in the blank and mime a word to your peer. in the second half, the T uses short anecdotes to subtly establish the context for idiomatic phrasal verbs and elicit any language sts could have. after the drilling exercises, the T asks the students to produce their own content using the learned vocab.


Abc realia
Abc Pictures
Abc HO
Abc Projector

Main Aims

  • to get the students to retain as many vocab as possible and be able to use it in real situations

Subsidiary Aims

  • to get the sts to speak english using the TL they recently learned


Stage 1 (3-5 minutes) • lead-in. introduce the sts to literal phrasal verbs

T will introduce the TL by eliciting

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