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Upper-Intermesiate B2 level


In this lesson,Students will learn how to improve their reading and speaking skills,At the beginning of the lesson,the contex of the lesson `ll be introduced by showing a photo to Ss to predict the topic and they`ll be asked about the photos in the SB and then Ss `ll skim and scan the text given then get the main idea of the text then elicit answers from students while doing some activities and games wit Ss.


Abc Handouts
Abc Global Elementary SB Unit 6 (pg 67)
Abc Gap-fill HOs

Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in the integrated skills of reading for gist and details,and speaking fluency in the context of gender

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce related vocabulary


Stage 1 ( Warmer) (2-3 minutes) • -Introduce the context of the lesson and involve them into the activities

-Ask Ss get into pairs to brainstorm about the photo -introduce the topic by asking Ss to read the title and describe the picture on Ex .1,pg.40 and 41 -Elicit the meaning of " gender gaps" and ask if Ss think men and women are better at different things which can be done on WB. -Keep the atmosphere light to avoid Ss becoming emotional or upset -Do you believe that man and women are naturally better at certain things ? -which sex tends to be better at ? - -

Stage 2 (Lead-in) • to encourage Ss to get the reading gist

- Put Ss into pairs and tell them to discuss the questions .Ex.1,pg.40. - Give Ss a few minutes to do the activity and check answers as a whole class - What are the differences between men and women ? - Which statement do you thing are true?

Stage 3 ( reading for gist) (4-5 minutes) • To encourage Ss to get the main idea

- Put Ss into pairs .Introduce the text ,give them a few minutes and a few minutes to read quickly and check their answers as a whole class.Ex.2,pg.40. - Motivate ss to concentrate themselves to the topic. -tell them not worry about problem vocabulary at this stage.

Stage 4 (Reading for detail) (4-5 minutes) • To read the text in detail in order to get the gist of the reading

-Ask Ss to work individually -Tell them to read the text again and underline the sections thatn give the information. -Ask ICQ`s to clarify any misunderstanding/ -Put Ss in pairs to check their -Ask Ss which lines in the text gave them the information.

Stage 5 (Controlled Practicel) (4-5 minutes) • To use the context to guess the meaning of the words

- Put Ss into pairs.Explain the guessing meaning from the context is important skill - Ask Ss to guess the meaning of the given words and phrases from the text,without looking at the dictionary.Ex.4,pg.40. -Monitor and help if necessary

Stage 6 (Speaking) (2-3 minutes) • to check the feedback of the lesson

- Put Ss in small groups (3 or 4), - Allow time to discuss the questions in Ex.5,pg.40. - Make sure they explain their opinions and ask each other questions. - Monitor and help if necessary.

Stage 7 (Vocabulary) (3-5 minutes) • To encourage Ss to do the exercise accurately

- Pur Ss into pairs and ask them to match the adjectives with their definitions.Ex.1,pg.41. - Elicit and give example sentences if necessary - Show the answers on the WB - How many adjectives in the box can you match to their definitions ?

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